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Sudaria, Suan among those conferred as honorary doctors of humanities


THE International Academy of Leadership & Management has conferred honorary doctorates to Cagayan de Oro City first district Rep. Lordan Suan, Mindanao Daily News publisher Dante Sudaria and 18 others.

The honorees were given the doctorates upon the recommendation of the administrative officers of the institution.

The honors were conferred in consortium with La Sallette Christian College, Inc. and the International Peace Leadership College during rites held June 23 at Demiren Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City.

The other honorees were Drs. Jimmy Atis, Gina Chua, Rey Misael Daabay, Rhea Lou Ilagan, Joshua Iliw-iliw, Miriam Labor, Roda Lacson, Celso Layos, Limue Linaac, Norma Navaja, Johanne Olivares, Crispina Pinoliad, Josephine Rangas, Merlinda Velez, Jenith M. Arocha, Rowena Madrid, Sarido Madrid and Merlyn Mangmang.

Both Suan and Sudaria’s honoris causa are in humanities.

Key persons composing the International Academy of Leadership & Management here in Cagayan de Oro City are Dr. Fidel Gonzales (national chairman on selection committee awards), Dr. Alexander Suan (regional auditor), Dr. Ronald Ampong (regional executive secretary), among others.

What is Honoris Causa?

“Honoris causa” is a Latin term meaning “for the sake of honor.” It is often used to refer to honorary degrees awarded by universities and other academic institutions to individuals who have made significant contributions to a particular field or to society in general, without having completed the usual requirements for that degree. These honorary degrees are typically conferred during graduation ceremonies and are meant to recognize outstanding achievements in various domains such as arts, sciences, politics, philanthropy, and business.

The tradition of awarding honorary degrees dates back to the medieval period and has since become a prestigious form of acknowledgment. Recipients of an “honoris causa” degree are usually distinguished figures who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and service. This honor not only celebrates their accomplishments but also inspires current students and the academic community at large.

An honorary degree is often conferred as a Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.), Doctor of Laws (LL.D.), or Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), among others, depending on the individual’s contributions and the institution’s discretion. Although these degrees do not hold the same academic or professional weight as earned degrees, they serve as a symbolic recognition of the recipient’s impact and legacy.

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