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CSC sees more eligibles with grant of preference rating to JOCOSC6

MANILA – Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chairperson Karlo Nograles is confident that granting Career Service Eligibility – Preference Rating (CSE-PR) to specific government workers will increase the number of civil service eligibles and provide new opportunities to join public service.

“They always say that the government is the biggest employer whether nationally or locally. We hope that with this new issuance, we can get more eligibles, especially those we have targeted, the JOCOSC6,” he said in a Friday news release.

JOCOSC6 is the collective term for specific groups of workers in government agencies, encompassing job order (JO), contract of service (COS), casual, contractual, coterminous, employees holding Category III and Category IV positions, as enumerated in CSC Memorandum Circular No. 10 dated April 16, 2013.

Based on the 2023 Inventory of Government Human Resource, there are 586,551 JO; 246,261 COS; 21,905 coterminous; 126,238 casual; and 56,046 contractual personnel nationwide who may stand to benefit from the new resolution by applying for the grant of the preference rating, if they meet all the requirements.

“As of last year, our career service vacancies in the entire Philippines are at 200,889, and 3,165 for non-career service. Hopefully, with this policy of CSC, marami sa mga (many) vacancies in government can be filled up now because marami sa mga (many of the) JOCOSC6 can apply for said vacancies,” Nograles said.

Career Service Eligibility – Preference Rating

Under CSC Resolution No. 2301123 promulgated on December 7, 2023 and took effect on February 12, 2024, a Preference Rating of a maximum of 10 points shall be added to the failed rating range (70.00 to 79.99) to achieve the passing rate of 80.00 for qualified applicants in Career Service Examinations (CSEs), thereby qualifying them for Career Service Professional or Subprofessional eligibility.

To qualify for the grant of additional points, JOCOSC6 employees must have rendered an aggregate of at least 10 years of service in the government as JOCOSC6 with at least a Very Satisfactory (VS) performance rating or its equivalent in the latest/available two rating periods immediately preceding the date of application for the grant of the eligibility.

Kahit putol-putol ang service at sa iba’t-ibang ahensiya, basta pinagsama-sama mo lahat iyon at aabot sa 10 years, qualified pa rin (Even if the service rendered is broken, and rendered in different agencies, as long as it adds up to 10 years, they are still qualified),” Nograles explained.

Applicants must have also applied and taken the scheduled CSE, beginning with the 3 March 2024 CSE and thereafter, either CSE Professional or CSE Subprofessional level, whether through PPT or other test modes, and obtained a failed rating of not lower than 70.00.

To apply, one needs to submit a properly accomplished application form along with pictures and documentary requirements to the CSC Regional or Field Office that has jurisdiction over the government agency where the JOCOSC6 worker has worked or is working. The application and complete requirements must be filed within six months from the date of release of the results of the CSE taken.

“We’re very positive that this policy will have an impact in getting more civil service eligibles into the pool, and getting them to fill up vacant positions in the government,” Nograles said.

For the complete information on the grant of CSE-PR, visit the CSC website at csc.gov.ph. (PNA)

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