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VPX Expands to Mindanao: New Franchise Agreement Signed for Cagayan de Oro

QUEZON CITY, Philippines — VPX, the franchise brand of ValuePlus Auto Services, is proud to announce the signing of a new franchise agreement for its inaugural branch in Cagayan de
Oro City in Mindanao. The franchise was awarded to Markson Petrochem Corp., under the leadership of Mr. Macmod Muti, an accountant and former civic leader. The momentous signing
event took place at the ValuePlus headquarters in Quezon City, with Mr. Normann Chiu, President of ValuePlus Auto Service, and Mr. Mark Saberola, General Manager of ValuePlus Auto Services, in attendance. The event was also witnessed by Mr. Najib and Raji Muti of Markson Petrochem Corp.

This groundbreaking expansion marks VPX’s first foray into the Mindanao region, a move that signifies a major leap in the company’s growth trajectory.

Mr. Normann Chiu reflected on the significance of the expansion: “This signing is a monumental milestone for us, we have been doing business in Cagayan de Oro for decades. Our family has
deep roots in Mindanao, and it’s incredibly fulfilling to see that legacy continue to grow and thrive in a region so close to our hearts.”

Mr. Macmod Muti spoke of the franchise as a seed for future generations: “Investing in VPX represents more than just business growth; it’s about laying down the foundations for future generations. This venture is a way for us to ensure that the next generation of our family has a robust platform to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.”

Mr. Mark Saberola praised Mr. Muti’s leadership: “Mr. Muti’s proven leadership and business acumen make him an ideal VPX franchise operator. With the support of his family and the
emerging next-generation leaders within his company, we are confident that this venture is the beginning of a successful regional endeavor with Markson Petrochem Corp.” The VPX branch in Cagayan de Oro City will offer a comprehensive range of automotive services, utilizing skilled technicians and advanced technology to ensure premium quality

service. This new branch is not just a business expansion for VPX; it’s a strengthening of community ties and a commitment to bringing exceptional automotive service to Mindanao.
This expansion into Mindanao represents a significant step for VPX in its mission to deliver superior automotive services throughout the Philippines, reinforcing its position as a leader in
the automotive service industry.

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