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Villar urges focus on Coastal Resource Preservation

By Wilnard Bacelonia

Manila Senator Villar urges adoption of Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) as vital national strategy for coastal resource protection, emphasizing its role in securing sustainable development and preserving natural heritage.

She said the necessity of adopting ICM as a national strategy is highlighted by several factors– biodiversity conservation, sustainable livelihood, food security, climate change resilience and economic development through tourism.

“The Philippines, as an archipelago with 7,641 islands, has a vast coastline of over 36,000 kilometers, with the majority of its provinces (66 out of 81) located along the coast and about 60 percent of the population living in these areas, the importance of ICM four our country is clear,” she noted.

Upon the proposed adoption of ICM, a National Coordinating Committee on ICM, composed of able representatives of relevant government agencies and stakeholders, will also be created, primarily mandated to formulate, institute and implement a National ICM Framework.

Meanwhile, included in the proposed establishment of a National Coastal Greenbelt Plan is the creation of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Coastal Greenbelt Zones, National Coastal Greenbelt Management Action Plan, and Coastal Greenbelt Incentive Fund. (PNA)

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