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Rotary International District 3870 Governor’s visit starts

By Rtn Maria Christina I. Concepcion

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – The “Governor’s Visit” to Rotary Clubs under her district is one of the very tiring travels during her term as Rotary International District 3870 Governor for Rotary Year 2023-2024.

Governor Gilda “Gigi” Go has already visited nine of the 44 Clubs of Rotary District 3870, alogside with the District team members. Go’s team visited the Rotary Clubs of Kidapawan, Cotabato, Tacurong, Isulan, Midsayap, Cotabato City South, Pigcawayan, Cotabato East, and Maramag.

Rotary District 3870 has 44 Clubs spread in the provinces of Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental, Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao Del Norte, and Cagayan de Oro City. District Governor Gilda Go is the 47th District Governor of RI District 3870. She started her term as District Governor last July 1, 2023 and she will be serving as District Governor for one year. District Governor Go is a founding member of the Rotary Club of Kalayaan Cagayan de Oro.

The Governor’s Visit in Rotary

The Purpose of the Governor’s Visit in Rotary: Strengthening Connection and Inspiring Action

Rotary International, a renowned global service organization, holds a significant tradition known as the Governor’s Visit. This event involves the visit of a district governor, a distinguished Rotary leader appointed by Rotary International, to local Rotary clubs within their district. The Governor’s Visit serves multiple essential purposes, fostering a stronger sense of community, sharing information and insights, inspiring action, and aligning club activities with the broader goals of Rotary International.

1. Strengthening Connections:

The Governor’s Visit acts as a bridge that connects local Rotary clubs with the broader Rotary network. Rotary is a decentralized organization, organized into districts, zones, and ultimately, Rotary International. The Governor’s Visit offers an opportunity for club members to meet the district governor face-to-face, fostering a personal connection and reinforcing the sense of belonging to a larger global movement for positive change. This connection strengthens the unity and common purpose of Rotary clubs, regardless of geographical location.

2. Sharing Information and Insights:

During the Governor’s Visit, the district governor shares crucial updates, initiatives, and strategies from Rotary International and the district leadership. This exchange of information ensures that Rotary clubs are aligned with the organization’s latest policies, projects, and priorities. Clubs gain insights into global and regional projects, fundraising campaigns, and humanitarian efforts, enabling them to contribute more effectively to Rotary’s overarching mission of advancing goodwill and peace.

3. Inspiring Action:

One of the central purposes of the Governor’s Visit is to inspire and motivate Rotarians to take action in their communities. The district governor often delivers speeches that emphasize Rotary’s core values, including service, leadership, and fellowship. These speeches, filled with personal anecdotes and success stories, motivate club members to embark on new service projects, collaborate with other clubs, and think creatively about addressing local and global challenges.

4. Recognizing Achievements:

The Governor’s Visit serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of individual clubs, Rotarians, and community partners. District governors often present awards and recognitions to clubs that have excelled in areas such as membership growth, fundraising, community service, and international partnerships. Recognizing these achievements not only boosts club morale but also encourages a culture of continuous improvement within the Rotary community.

5. Strengthening Leadership:

The district governor’s visit provides an opportunity for Rotarians to interact with a seasoned leader who has demonstrated dedication, commitment, and excellence within Rotary. This interaction allows club members to learn from the governor’s experiences and leadership style, thus enhancing their own leadership skills. The governor’s advice and guidance can shape the development of future club leaders, fostering a sustainable leadership pipeline within Rotary clubs.

6. Building Relationships:

The Governor’s Visit facilitates the building of relationships among club members, district leaders, and the district governor. Networking opportunities arise during the visit, enabling Rotarians to connect with individuals who share their passion for service and community development. These connections can lead to collaborative projects, mentorship opportunities, and the sharing of best practices among clubs.

7. Reinforcing Rotary’s Impact:

By witnessing firsthand the impact of Rotary’s projects and initiatives, the district governor gains a deeper understanding of the tangible difference that Rotary clubs make in their local communities. This insight can be carried back to district and international leadership discussions, shaping future strategies and priorities. The Governor’s Visit reinforces the notion that Rotary’s impact is not just theoretical but a reality that transforms lives.

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