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Muntinlupa’s Bold Move to Rein in Reckless Drivers: A Shift Towards Safer Roads


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By: Ignacio Bunye

Muntinlupa’s Bold Move to Rein in Reckless Drivers: A Shift Towards Safer Roads

In a bold effort to bring order to their city streets, Muntinlupa has equipped its traffic enforcers with a new set of wheels. Mayor Ruffy Biazon recently introduced 16 Kawasaki motorcycle patrol units to the vigilant enforcers of the Muntinlupa Traffic Management Bureau (MTMB) on January 8.

The message is crystal clear: reckless and rule-breaking drivers will no longer have a free pass on the city’s roads. Mayor Biazon emphasized during the inauguration, “To those who regularly break road rules, consider this your warning; our enforcers will be watching.” With these new patrol bikes, catching up with errant motorists is now much easier.

The upgrade is significant, taking the MTMB’s motorcycle fleet to a whole new level. These new units feature a 400cc engine, allowing them to enter the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). This opens up new possibilities for the MTMB, enabling them to effectively pursue and apprehend traffic violators, even on the notoriously fast-paced expressways.

However, with greater power comes greater responsibility. Mayor Biazon stressed the importance of the traffic enforcers’ role as caretakers of these new patrol bikes. Their duty extends beyond apprehending violators; they must also enforce the law with precision and integrity. “Enforce road rules and regulations diligently and efficiently, and I will personally support your efforts as part of the 7K Agenda’s Peace and Order component,” he declared.

Muntinlupa’s initiative to provide its traffic enforcers with these upgraded patrol bikes is a commendable step towards safer roads. It reflects the city’s commitment to tackling the widespread issue of reckless driving and ensuring the safety of all its residents by enforcing traffic rules more effectively.

Muntinlupa City Commends Early Taxpayers for Responsible Citizenship

Muntinlupa City, led by Mayor Ruffy Biazon, has taken a noteworthy step to highlight the importance of timely tax payments. The city recently honored the first ten early taxpayers of 2024, recognizing their commitment to responsible citizenship.

Taxes play a vital role in financing essential services, infrastructure projects, and public programs for any local government unit. Timely tax payments by individuals and businesses are crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of the city’s operations. In many places, the rush to renew business permits and pay taxes often results in last-minute chaos, mistakes, and late penalties. Muntinlupa, however, encourages early compliance to alleviate these issues.

The list of early taxpayers includes Mama Nene Store, Mini-Mini Store, Beecube, Inc., Bob Garon & Vandervoort Consultancy Inc., Chaulameir Enterprises, Erchie Appliance Parts, Oost & Voort, Inc., Russel Ramos T-shirt Services, People’s Choice Apartment, and Aurelio Alquiros Tailoring Shop. These businesses  received Certificates of Recognition from the BPLO and grocery baskets as tokens of appreciation.

What’s even more commendable is Muntinlupa’s effort to make permit renewal convenient for business owners. The Business Permit Renewal Hub, conveniently located at the Muntinlupa Sports Center, operates from Monday to Friday until January 20, 2024. For those who prefer to handle their tax obligations from the comfort of their homes or offices and avoid the rush, the city offers an efficient online renewal option through the Business E-Payment System (BESt) on the official City Government website (www.muntinlupacity.gov.ph).

Furthermore, Muntinlupa goes the extra mile by providing a daily free shuttle service to and from the venue for business owners, with pickup and drop-off at the City Hall. This not only eases the logistical burden for taxpayers but also demonstrates the city’s commitment to supporting its residents in fulfilling their civic duties.

By celebrating early taxpayers and simplifying the renewal process, Muntinlupa is fostering a culture of responsibility and civic pride. It sends a clear message that being a responsible taxpayer is not just a legal obligation but also a source of pride and recognition.


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