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Barista Lab – brewing one cup at a time!

FOR your complete milk tea supplies from cream to pearls to packaging, visit Barista Lab!
Barista Lab is a premier supplier dedicated to enhancing the food, beverage, baking and café industry, offering an expansive selection of high quality products including coffee, tea, baking ingredients, dairy products and premium milk tea flavors imported right from where they origin.
They offer a wide range of high quality products including coffee beans, tea leaves, baking ingredients, dairy products, premium milk tea flavors syrups and other café essentials.
From bean to bake, Barista Lab offers an unparalleled selection of premium food, beverage and baking supplies, ensuring that your café has everything it needs under one roof.
In the future, Barista Lab will also offer bespoke services tailored to your café’s unique needs from private labeling to menu development.
Barista Lab is located at First Touch Uptown Belt, Las Ramblas corner Beacon Avenue, Pueblo Business Park, Uptown, Cagayan de Oro City. Take a visit today!

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