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Ayala’s amazing data scientists

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By Ignacio R. Bunye                                                                                                                                                  

The recently-held ADA Connections, the first social mixer and annual members meeting of the Ayala Data and Analytics Community of Practice (ADA COP), somehow reminded me the movie “Oppenheimer”.  Just like  in the movie, a group of top and rising data scientists within the Ayala community  were herded together last March 20 at the Ayala headquarters by an “Oppenheimer” played by Karl Kendrick Chua for a very important mission.  Unlike In the movie, however,  Chua’s end game is definitely for peaceful purposes.

Chua, who is Managing Director and Head of Ayala Corporation’s Data Science and AI team,  set the tone for the gathering with a vision of ongoing collaboration and mutual learning for the collective betterment of the Ayala community.

This was followed by a compelling discourse titled “Learning Statistics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence…and Everything Else”  by Stephanie Sy, Founder and CEO of Thinking Machines and an esteemed Adviser to ADA COP. 

Another interesting topic was expounded by James Faeldon, Head of Data Solutions at AC Analytics.

Discussions also covered an overview of the ADA COP’s objectives, structure, updates, and forthcoming plans for the year. Exciting ventures loom on the horizon, including the introduction of Ayala Open Data—a repository housing publicly accessible datasets for the COP—and the unveiling of a community portal. 

Aside from the continuation of ADA Bvtes and ADA Insights Speaker Series, members can also look forward to a peer training course, hackathon, hands-on workshop, lecture on data privacy, and more.

By the way, one other thing which differentiated the gathering from “Oppenheimer” – food, drinks and entertainment were plentiful. 

BPI Private Wealth bags two awards from Euromoney Private Banking Awards

BPI Private Wealth’s initiatives under the BPI Private Wealth Signature Experience have been recognized with two prestigious awards at the recent Euromoney Private Banking Awards.

The awards specifically acknowledge BPI Private Wealth as excelling in two areas: serving the next generation of clients (Next Gen) and providing services tailored to family offices.

BPI Private Wealth launched the Wealth Elite Academy, an internship program exclusively for NextGen Private Wealth clients. This program aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience for future business leaders, preparing them to take over their family’s financial legacy.

The Wealth Elite Academy’s curriculum covers various subjects essential for financial management and leadership development. Participants are immersed in a dynamic environment aimed at fostering growth, leadership skills, and financial acumen.

BPI Private Wealth also offers a Multi-Family Office solution handled  by a team of expert wealth planners, headed by  Atty Gail Totanes. This initiative provides clients with access to comprehensive wealth planning services, addressing various aspects of family governance, investment management, legal advisory, and planning needs.

The Multi-Family Office team emphasizes trust, transparency, and personalized solutions, helping clients with estate planning, business succession, legal, and property management needs.

BPI Wealth President and CEO Tere Marcial said  that BPI Private Wealth’s recognition reflects its commitment to providing bespoke asset and wealth management solutions tailored to the specific needs of its most discerning Private Wealth clients.

The awards were presented at the Euromoney Private Banking Awards ceremony held in London on March 21, 2024, highlighting the global recognition of BPI Private Wealth’s  innovative approaches in catering to the evolving needs of its clients, especially the next generation,  and family offices, and its commitment to excellence in wealth management and client service.

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