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Plantbox Innovation Solutions joins in the observance of World Oceans Day

TODAY is World Oceans Day and Plantbox Innovation Solutions joins in its observance.
It all started when Davao City-based environmentalist-slash-farmer-slash-artist Ronald Adlawan saw fish trapped and died in a mineral plastic bottle.

It opened his eyes how plastic pollution is affecting the marine ecosystem and with his immense natural skills and talents thought he could do something about it.
“That is why our first innovative MVP was with making plastic wastes into a hydroponics Kratky planter,” Adlawan said.

This was when Plantbox Innovation Solutions was born.
The aim of Plantbox Innovation Solutions is to create sustainable innovation for better food security and develop future founders to bring about lasting change in a sustainable future.
This is when starter kits became a necessity as a means to change.
“We repurpose and incentivize community plastic recovery initiatives through setting up sustainable gardening using our innovation. Plastic cups and bottles are essential materials for gardening. By repurposing waste plastics and residuals through our composter bins and hydroponics planters, we are reducing our environmental impact and creating a more sustainable future,” Adlawan narrated.
The contents of the kit are cocopeat, organic nutrient solution, foliar fertilizer, seeds and cups.
Plantbox Innovation Solutions cascades these down to communities who are responsible enough to sustain the concept (for instance, their latest project in barangay Daliao, Toril, Davao City only last May 30 through the strategic leadership of barangay chairman Joseph Dumogho.
Fifty to 70 residents accepted the challenge of Plantbox Innovation Solutions to use the starter kits for their respective urban gardening at home, embracing hydroponics and cultivating efficient, cost-effective and pesticide-free food.
Along with the starter kits, Plantbox Innovation Solutions also conducts hydroponics trainings to their beneficiaries, covering essential topics such as hydroponics systems, nutrient management and plant care and even an actual germination workshop.
Today, Plantbox Innovation Solutions has trained over 7,000 farmers in sustainable farming, assisted 50 farms with hydroponics and graduated from the Upgrade Innolab Business Incubation Program.
Recognized for community engagement with the 2024 CDObites award, Plantbox Innovation Solutions has reached four cities and impacted over 10,000 people across two barangays.
Plantbox Innovation Solutions is calling on possible partners, cooperatives, associations and businesses to be their partner for corcular economy and sustainable farming. Call 09815411152,  [email protected] or email [email protected]. You may also reach their Facebook account PlantBox Innovation.
Plantbox Innovation Solutions – reducing carbon footprint one starter kit at a time!

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