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Negros Oriental is not implementing a ban on hogs from Bohol

By Mary Judaline Partlow

DUMAGUETE CITY – As of Wednesday, the provincial government of Negros Oriental has not instituted a ban on the entry of live hogs and pork by-products from Bohol, as confirmed by an official statement.

Jaymar Vilos, the designated information officer of the Provincial Veterinary Office, informed the Philippine News Agency that they are currently awaiting an official announcement from the Bureau of Animal Quarantine (BAI) regarding confirmed cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) in certain areas of Bohol. Only upon receiving this confirmation will they consider implementing any restrictions.

This is despite media reports quoting Bohol officials that 60 hogs in Barangay Dauis have tested positive for ASF.

“Until there is an official notice from BAI regarding the ASF cases in Bohol, we cannot recommend to the governor the imposition of a ban from that province,” Vilos said.

Currently, not a single shipment of live hogs from Bohol has arrived in Negros Oriental this year, he said.

However, one private entity attempted sometime in March to apply for a permit to ship hogs from Bohol but backed out after learning of the province’s stringent requirements, he added.

Vilos said live hogs to be shipped to Negros Oriental require blood sampling with ASF-negative test results within seven days before shipment here.

The PVO spokesperson said the province is strict in the implementation of requirements relative to the shipment of live hogs to ensure that efforts to repopulate the pig population in Negros Oriental are safe and not compromised by the ASF.

As of today, Negros Oriental is still grappling with the lack of supply of hogs that has triggered higher pork prices in the market after its hog population dropped because of ASF that affected the industry last year.

Vilos said it would take at least three to six months to raise pigs that can be sold to the public. (PNA)

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