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BIR files criminal complaints vs 2 trading firm execs

The Bureau of Internal Revenue has lodged criminal complaints against the top executives of a trading firm, alongside the firm’s accountant and her associates, for allegedly utilizing fake receipts amounting to PHP 200.56 million during the year 2021.

As per the BIR, the accountant engaged her relatives in setting up fictitious enterprises that issued counterfeit receipts. These receipts were then purportedly declared as expenses by the trading company to diminish its tax obligations.

“The utilization of counterfeit receipts, whether fake or ghost receipts, constitutes tax evasion. This scenario is particularly deceptive as it was the company’s accountant who facilitated the procurement of fake receipts,” stated BIR Commissioner Romeo Lumagui Jr.

The charges encompass various infractions, such as endeavors to evade taxes, furnishing of inaccurate information, inclusion of false entries or fictitious identities in accounting records, improper issuance of receipts or invoices, and knowingly aiding or abetting such actions.

“The BIR will not turn a blind eye to business entities conspiring with their accountants to evade rightful tax payments. You will end up behind bars,” Lumagui cautioned entrepreneurs. (EM)

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