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Hundreds of riders in MM rally against Grab’s unfair management

Hundreds of food delivery riders held a unity ride in protest of alleged unfair Grab management the other day in Quezon City.

Supported by the National Union of Food Delivery Riders, the group protested the new fare matrix implemented by Grab which drastically reduced the riders already meager income.

The riders were also demanding that Grab must reinstate those who were unjustly suspended or terminated for attending the rallies to voice their grievances.

According to the riders, Grab’s new fare rate per order was reduced to P35 from the previous P45, while the per kilometer compensation of P10 was reduced to P7 only.

The riders’ predicament has already reached the attention of the government, particularly Congress and the Senate.

Sen. Risa Hontiveros, in a recent video statement in support of the riders was quoted as saying–“If the goal of this new fare matrix is to ease the burden of customers, it should not come at the expense of the platform’s riders.”

The issue of the riders’ illegal termination by the Grab management is now being deliberated by the National Labor Relations Commission after the riders group sought the help of the NLRC.

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