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SM CDO Downtown Atrium: Come Experience Nissan KICKS e-POWER at Nissan Intelligent Mobility Tour 4.0

Nissan Philippines is inviting motorists and other guests who are contemplating to purchase their own vehicle to the Nissan Intelligent Mobility Tour 4.0 is being held at the Atrium of SM CDO Downtown from October 6-8, 2023.

The center piece of Nissan Philippines showcase is the KICKS e-POWER which opens up a fresh new dimension in the electric vehicle (EV) driving experience.

“Unlike all-electric vehicles solely powered by electricity, the Nissan KICKS e-POWER is a different kind of EV which has an all-electric power train, but has a gasoline engine which charges the high voltage power battery pack which provides electricity to the electric motor,” explained Mako Espineli, Nissan PH Marketing Specialist.

“However, since the gasoline engine only runs when the battery needs recharging, emissions are minimized, and you get optimal mileage from 22-25 kms per liter, which can be stretched even up to 33 kms. if you drive intelligently.

With the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) technology perfected in the Nissan LEAF, Nissan Kicks e-POWER system combines a 1.2 liter 3-cyliner gasoline engine with a power generator, inverter, battery which actually drivers the EM57 electric motor. The electric motor delivers power directly to the front wheels, using energy stored in the battery pack.

The advantage of the e-POWER system is that the engine runs within its optimal range and best compression ratio, leading to optimum fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions compared with a traditional internal combustion motor, as well as a refined drive.

You may view this video by clicking on the link for a more visual appreciation of how the system works: https://www.nissan.ph/vehicles/new/kicks/e-power.html

The Nissan Intelligent Mobility Tour 4.0

However, guests can avail of a more immersive experience in choosing the dream car of their choice with a slew of tech features now offered at the current exhibition.

For instance, the digital standee enables the guest to make a virtual tour of the particular car’s brochure, specifications, safety and other features. There are also videos which can make it easier for customers to understand and appreciate the feature.

They can check how the dream car of their choice would look like with the available colors for a particular model through the colorizer, even up to the particular variant of their choice.

While they can do this themselves, Nissan associates are on standby to help them navigate the system.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

All Nissan nameplates  have Nissan Intelligent Mobility Features.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is a suite of integrated technology that is designed to increase safety, comfort, and control while driving, connecting you with your vehicle and the world around you.

Its  three elements include Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Power, and Intelligent integration.

To personally appreciate the features and benefits of the dream car of their choice, guests can request for a test drive, except for the Nissan Patrol.

The Nissan Intelligent Mobility Tour 4.0 next stops at the SM City Lanang Premier in Davao City.


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