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What’s happening to your country, Joe?

UPTOWN, Cagayan de Oro —There is now a wave  of  hate campaign across America, the latest of which was the mauling of a fellow Filipino compatriot in suburban New York.
The systemic racism towards black and Asian people in the United States was shocking in its brutality.
While all countries are facing the twin threats of the deadly coronavirus pandemic and sharp economic downturns, the U.S. finds itself with a multitude of domestic worries under the Biden presidency — social unrests amid the alarming  surge of Covid 19 variants.
The recent spike of attacks against Asians in the US has gave rise to the #StopAsianHate, a campaign that hopes to send a strong message to President Joe Biden — fix your country, or else…..
Over time, it appears that there was no attempt to change the evil hearts of white racists. 
In fact, American  racists are on the run now, more than ever, and act as they pleased, anywhere and everywhere to the extent that our national leaders like Sen. Manny Pacquio had reacted and challenged those evils on the streets of New York to fight him upfront. 
Racists are everywhere —   lynching, looting,  burning and worse,  mauling innocent Blacks  and Asians no end. 
They murder and rape, threaten and intimidate, and bully those who do not belong to their color.
Hence the rise of racial discrimination in America seems unstoppable  like the continuing surge of Covid 19 pandemic. 
Their hate  thinking  redounds that  white might is right, and that black and asian people are third world  citizens, and has no right to live  in America. 
What’s happening to your country, Joe?

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