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To falter is not an option

JR BORJA GENERAL HOSPITAL — Declared by the city government  as prio, I trooped to this new,  face-lifted city health facility to join a throng of seniors accepted to avail of the first dose of Sinovac.
Sans politics, I expressly thanked Mayor Oca for his deep community  concern, consistent as it were, despite some quarters opposing his own brand of governance in handling the pandemic woes at the local level. 
To prove his point, he volunteered to take his first dose of vax earlier to somehow send a strong message to all Cagay-anons that vaccines play a crucial role in containing the spread of Covid 19.
The long queue was worth it.  My first dose of Sinovac done successfully  after hours of going through a series of pre-vaccine background checks along with several hundreds of seniors waiting in makeshift tents amid scorching  heat of the summer sun. 
There is no other way but to submit to available  health protocols including the call for a massive vaccination for all as Covid 19 continue to surge,  spreading like wildfires in countries like India, now experiencing an epic national disaster. 
To falter is not an option at this time when the pandemic is still raging its fury on mankind.
That said, the   arrivals of more  vaccines has triggered for a call by the city mayor for help from the  medical field —professionals like midwives, nurses and doctors to act as volunteers in the city’s vaccination program.
Those who have the talent and skills, please help. Let our  bayanihan spirit live throughout this fight for survival, the mayor appealed to all and sundry, citing that the vaccination program has to be pursued vigorously with no let-up. 
For the record,  the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines in the US has siginificantly reduced unnecessary deaths by 80 percent, a clear indicator of how effective vaccines are in the fight against the pandemic.
To those who are still in a state of  doubting Thomases, let Covid 19 catch you by surprise. 
Its either you land in a quarantine facility, or six feet below the ground. The choice is yours. 
After all, this virus has no regard  to  people who defy   logic. 
And WHO says it’s a long way to go before Covid 19 will say good-bye world. 
Meantime, wear  your face masks. Keep the distance.  Avoid crowded places. And get your vax, asap. (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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