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There they goooooooo….

Watching the candidates file their COCs last week, I can not help but recall the familiar
reportage of a horse race sportscaster of yesteryears, the late Tony Trinidad.

As soon as the race horses sprinted out of the San Lazaro starting gate, Trinidad’s voice would
blare across the hippodrome ‘There they goooooo…..” Second by second, the Trinidad would
describe how the riders jockeyed for position …. with one or two riders “coming from the
outside” … until the winner was decided at the homestretch.

In many ways, the political contest is similar to a horse race. Even the terms are similar.
Candidates vying for a position are described as “running” or “tumatakbo”. No wonder it is
called a political derby.

Around this time, never ending questions are revived and debated?
Should political dynasties be outlawed? Should there be minimum educational qualifications for
those seeking elective offices? Should “nuisance” candidates be penalized?

Those opposed to dynasties claim the need to democratize the electoral process. Those in favor
claim the matter is best left to the electorate.

Those seeking minimum educational qualifications argue that even lowest level appointive
positions in the public service are required to be filled by at least high school graduates.

A story is told that friends of the late great comedian Dolphy had been persistently egging him
to run for office. With his tremendous popular appeal, Dolphy’s friends said that he was a sure

But the level-headed Dolphy was aware of his own limitations. His consistent reply: “What if I

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