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The Better Choice for Mindanao Moms: Tang Sweet Orange is the #MasLamiMasGinapili Powdered Juice Drink

Mothers know best most of the time, especially when it comes to kids. Pagdating sa food and drinks to keep them healthy, happy, and hydrated, we often stick to what we think is best or we tend to stick to “the usual” when no one questions our choices, but if your grocery shopping routine involves just the staples and the usual suggestions, you might just miss out on much better choices your children will enjoy sipping and snacking on. Good thing we have an inside scoop from the majority of our Mindanaoan Moms that might help change your perception of what is best: Tang Sweet Orange, a powdered juice flavor by Tang that has a yummier sweet taste and enhanced fortification benefits!

Want to know why Tang Sweet Orange is the better choice for Filipino moms? Kids reach out for drinks that satisfy their cravings, and Tang Sweet Orange comes with a sweet, superior taste that children will want more of. While it’s always a struggle to keep kids hydrated, a glass of Tang Sweet Orange guarantees refills for juice-loving children who need a burst of sweetness during meals and snack sessions. But like any mom-who-knows-best, healthy picks are always more than welcome—Tang Sweet Orange delivers enhanced health benefits in every sip, with added Vitamin C, D and Zinc.

Drinks are a surefire (and stealthy) way to add essential nutrients to kids’ diets, and Tang Sweet Orange makes sure that kids don’t only get a flavor boost, but the health boost that they need just as much.

A sweet and refreshing drink that keeps kids strong, and satisfied—Tang Sweet Orange proves that it pays to reach out for better-powdered juice options out in the market. After all, mothers don’t only know best, they also have the power to influence other moms to make better choices. In choosing a powdered juice drink, dapat #MasLamiMasGinapili—make the better choice with #TangSweetOrange!


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