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Sikat ka Higala

The Philippine Army celebrates its 122 years of Heroism Serving the People, Securing the land. Much has happened through years. Having a military family from my Grandfather, to my father and 8 uncles.    

Growing up discipline was a priority. Writing and interviewing rebel returnees, soldiers who have been abducted, soldiers who are tortured, almost left for dead and sometimes executed  has often given me the inspiration to tell their stories. Knowing the urgency in a never ending quest the government has offered its hand through the years and over and over again rejected.    

The intensity of the rebellion has caused so much chaos, claimed so many lives, drained the strength and energy of our troops but still pursuing peace. One foot to the grave one foot to battle. Some have accused me of a propangandist of the AFP but my question is why would I support the terrorrists? They have harmed innocent people, extorted the poor ,confiscated their livelihood, have bomb equipments for infracture, shut electricity, destroyed water systems, burn bridges and etc.   

The atrocities have cause the nation shaken and what are they fighting for their own ideology thats clearly concerns only the interest of power and control. The Philippine army have build back lives of those that have returned in the arms of the government, has significantly neutralized 3,554 Communist party of the Philippines-New People Army Terrorist (CNT) Most of the surrenderees came from the areas where community support Teams are immersed. They have discovered 136 CPP NPA hideouts. Have cleared 85 conflict affected areas.   

The 4ID has been spearheading transformation with good governance and strategy management among PAMUS as it was the first to be conferred Institutionalized Status with the Gold Trailblazer Award. I belive in the AFPs efforts in neutralizing the atrocities wherever. I applaude the AFP and its determination in attaining peace through out our country.    

Evil conquers when good men do nothing. At the celebration today BGEN Tyne Banas the Assistant Division Commander of the 4ID have expressed its sentiment to call for peace and encouraging the rebels to return their trust to our government I salute the AFP I salute our brave Soldiers. I salute the 4ID.

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