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Shades of PH politics

THERE is now a  frantic declaration of presidential wannabes as the October 8 deadline draws near. 
Despite the still rampaging threat of Covid-19,  the shades  of politics has become the menu of the day on digital platform. 
Indeed it will be a lot of fun on the campaign trail amid  the turbulent pandemic.
That said, PH politics has taken us to  an exciting ride this early as we get nearer to next year’s  national election. 
And to dispel the thinking of   political doomsayers, it’s  not Isko, Ping, Leny, Bongbong nor Pacman who will land in Macanang. 
It will be Inday Sara, like it nor not.
It’s still a Duterte who will reign supreme  in the next six years, and even beyond.   
Take note of the deafening silence on the side of Sara’s camp in Davao.
Team Inday Sara is cooking  something big and will surprise everyone in the coming days.
With due respect to  the early declaration of fellow Mindanaoan Manny Pacquaio, his mantra of leading this nation is nothing but a product of a series of  nightmares in the ring, latest of which was his defeat to a Cuban fighter.
He has the same hollowed mindset  with VP Leny. A weakling in governance to say it upfront.
With that, the  opposition is having sleepless nights where and  what party will they affiliate and eventually campaign against the  well-entrenched DU30 and company. 
Indeed,  PH politics is now brewing hot, regardless of the urgent  need to get back to our toes and exigently address hunger, poverty and all the economic dislocations that Covid-19 pandemic has taken its deadly toll on us. 
These interwoven challenges  brought about by the pandemic must be the number one in the  list of priorities  of the next President.
And it must  be responded with a sense of urgency because at stake here is the overall health and economic pulse of the nation.
And there   is still possibility of a surge of the pandemic midway through the holidays (ber months are just a wink away) and onwards to the campaign period early next year.
Covid-19 has turned our way of life completely upside down — from the economic side of it to the adjustment  disorder we are now facing  on a global scale.
In fact, an unprecedented level of  anxiety has been spreading like wildfire for almost two years  now   with no exemption in sight — rich or poor, the healthy and  the weak,  young and old alike are all easy victims of the pandemic.
Now that Doc Willy Ong has thrown his hat for the second highest post of the land, he might have the  solution of ending the pandemic following their campaign slogan ‘Bilis, Kilos’ with presidential partner Isko Moreno. 
    Meantime, the   lifting of restrictions would likely  result to a dramatic and devastating effect as  vaccines are coming in by trickles.
The pandemic has now incited  the worst economic slump since the Great Depression.
And here  is the  takeaway and why: the economic impact of the  pandemic may last a little longer even if the underlying cause is contained quickly amid the smell of  PH politics this time of pandemic.
Sadly, we are not over on this yet. The task ahead is unbearable indeed with politics now shaping  up  in the four corners of the land.
Keep the distance. Wear your mask, now without necessarily using face shield as ordered  by Malacanang. 

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