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PHO: 14.9% of adults in Camiguin are prone to hypertension

CAMIGUIN (PIA)–In support of the Hypertension Awareness Month, slated every month of May, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Gretchen Cabalang shared that in Camiguin, they have recorded 14.9% of adults aged 20-59 years old who have high waist circumference and 33.3% of the total population has the high waist to hip ratio.

“Meaning ani nagdako ang tiyan. Sa kini nga populasyon, aduna pu’y 16.4% sa tibuok probinsya nga naa’y elevated blood pressure meaning, taas ang mga blood pressure. Aduna pu’y 4.2% nga aduna’y taas og fasting blood sugar,” Cabalang said in OK Doc! radio program, May 18.

(This means the stomach gets bigger. For this population, there is 16.4% in the whole province, who have elevated blood pressure meaning, they have high blood pressure. We also have 4.2% with high fasting blood sugar)

Explaining the causes of hypertension, Dr. Gerry Cabalang, medical specialist of Camiguin General Hospital (CGH), said there are two types of hypertension and one is the essential or primary hypertension where the cause could not be identified and is often attributed to the lifestyle and genetic or hereditary factor. 

The secondary hypertension has an underlying identifiable cause like diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney problem, or hormonal imbalance. 

To prevent hypertension, he said weight loss is important “kay if you weigh more, tendency mutaas ang blood pressure, and aside sa pagtimbang na nimo, it’s the waist line that matters now. So sa mga lalaki nga above 40 inches ang waist line, ug sa mga babae above 35 inches nga waist line, isa na ka risk factor for hypertension.”

(if you weigh more, there is a tendency that the blood pressure will go high, and aside from your weight, it’s the waist line that matters now. For men with above 40-inch waist line and for women with above 35-inch waist line, this is a factor for hypertension)

Regular exercise can also help prevent the said disease since burning of calories can help in lowering blood pressure as well as it makes the heart rate go faster, Cabalang said. Thus, he said it is essential for people, especially those who are on prolonged sitting everyday, should exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

The doctor also advocated for a healthy diet to prevent hypertension such as limiting the sodium intake to 2,300 mg or one full teaspoon everyday. He suggested that herbs and spices could be added in the food to make it more palatable even with low salt content. 

Smoking and excessive alcohol intake could also lead to hypertension, Cabalang said. “Ang pagpanigarilyo, ang nicotine itself makapapiot sa agianan sa atong dugo (Smoking, its nicotine can tighten the blood flow),” thus, he urged smokers to quit smoking and not just limit the vice.

For alcohol intake, the doctor said they should be taken moderately like for beer, the moderate amount on a daily basis is 12 oz, wine is 5 oz, and liquor is 1.5 oz. 

Those who have hypertension are advised to follow their medication and visit their doctors at least every three months to determine if there is a need to change the medicines prescribed. (RTP/PIA-10/Camiguin)

Photo release:

In support of the Hypertension Awareness Month, slated every month of May, OK Doc radio program tackles the hypertension cases in Camiguin as well as its prevention, May 18. (FMR)

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