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No satisfaction

Think a minute…What’s your pleasure? Do you enjoy music and parties? A nice meal with your closest friends? Or do you enjoy gambling and alcohol? Maybe you love sports like football, tennis or golf? What’s your greatest pleasure? As one guy puts it:  “What turns your eyes red?” Pleasures make us feel alive and free. But the problem with pleasure is that it only makes us feel good and satisfied for a short time. Unfortunately, we still end up feeling like the old hit song by the Rolling Stones:  “I can’t get no satisfaction.”     

After the party’s over we’re back to living our same, everyday life and responsibilities. It seems even worse after your big high and pleasure. Just ask the guy with the terrible hangover. Ask his wife or kids whom he beat up while he was drunk. Ask the wife and children who are suffering terrible heartbreak and pain from the adulterous affair their father had with another woman.   

Yet the amazing thing is we keep doing these same wrong things over and over again. These same things that keep hurting ourselves and the ones we love. We keep believing the lie and illusion that these extreme feelings of physical pleasure are what we want and need to feel satisfied. So even though we already know from our own experience that the pleasure doesn’t last and satisfy, we keep going back for more. We’re almost like the dog that keeps chasing its tail.    

But there’s a reason why we can’t be satisfied just from physical pleasures. It’s simply not possible! We are not made or designed that way. We humans are not able to be permanently satisfied with only fun experiences and physical pleasures. You and I were made for much more than “just to have a little fun before we die!”  God made us spiritual beings like Him, so the only way we can be fully satisfied and happy is by having a daily, close personal relationship with our Maker. Then, we can start living His successful and satisfying way.    

So today, won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you for living your own way? Then ask Him to start changing your heart and lifestyle. He’s the only One Who can finally fill your life with the pleasure and peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Jesus will give you real satisfaction that lasts, not just for a day or a night, but for the rest of your life.   Just Think a Minute…

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