Healthy home-works from SM home

May 2, 2020

With most of us homebound these days, it's the best time to start good health habits by preparing nutritious meals for the family, and creating a wellness based lifestyle whose benefits we will enjoy beyond the quarantine. It's also the best time to rediscover the simple joys of life and of doing things together.       SM Home, the one-stop shop for all of your home essentials, shares with us some healthy home-works from UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization in maintaining a healthy lifestyle:     1. Prepare a Weekly Meal Plan and make a shopping list of items you need before you go to the store for your routine shopping. Create the list from the meal plan and include back up ingredients on your list in case your first choice is out of stock. Limit the list on buying the essentials.     2. Stock up on nutrition-packed food such as whole grains, breads, and fresh fruits and vegetables; and staples like sauces, milk, eggs, spices and condiments. Fresh products should be consumed first. Frozen fruits and vegetables as well as canned vegetables and fruits are good alternatives as these have a longer shelf life.     3. Build up a stock of healthy snacks for your children - yogurt, nuts, cheese, chopped or dried fruits, boiled eggs and more. Stock them up in a stackable glass container to seal freshness and label them.     4. Continue to practice Food Hygiene and Safety. Wash fruits and vegetables under running water and dry it with vegetable spinner; use separate chopping boards for meat and seafood as you prepare the meal; and don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after preparing your meal.     5. Drink water regularly and stay hydrated by drinking 6-8 glasses a day to boost your immune system.     6. Make cooking and eating together a family habit. Kids can help wash and sort the ingredients and set the table before the meal. This creates a healthy routine and fun bonding with the whole family. Also practice mindful eating and stay away from processed food.        Enjoy healthy home-works and memorable meals together with home essentials from SM Home. These are available at the and shoppers can now place their order online through the and ShopSM app. For more info and updates, follow them at SM Home at the SM Store in Instagram or visit website.     Please see below the photo captions:     1.       Prepare hearty meals with this bake dish known for its oven to table convenience.     2.       Make your kitchen workspace clutter-free and maximize the area by putting commonly-used utensils within your reach.     3.       Stay home and create a new dining experience in the living room with your favorite family dish.

Catriona finds ways to reach greater heights

January 7, 2020

It's been months since Catriona Gray gloriously walked away with the Miss Universe title, but her road to success was very different from the other winners from the Philippines.      According to Catriona, she was aiming for the pageant's crown for reasons beyond mere personal ambition. Rather, she wanted the Miss Universe title so she could use it as a platform to boost her advocacies and causes, to give back to the community.      Throughout her journey, she showed how different she was, starting with signing up as an independent candidate for Binibining Pilipinas. She also formed her own pageant team, handpicking her own designers, mentors and stylists.      Along the way, Catriona had her share of naysayers and haters. She faced the grueling physical challenges of perfecting her walk and dealing with psychological pressure of carrying the hopes of over 100 million Filipinos during the pageant. This is the reason why it was such sweet triumph when she finally won the Miss Universe 2018 title.      Many Filipinos, especially millennials, draw inspiration from Catriona's story of never giving up and finding new ways to reach her ultimate goal of being a beauty queen. Like her, they strive hard and seek innovation to achieve their goals and aspirations. "Many felt so 'personally invested' in my journey because they saw themselves in me, as I put myself out there," Catriona shared.      "I wanted to share my journey, including the trials, the risk of joining the pageant, the motivation (which is my charity work), the people who helped me along the way, along with the failures, too," she continued.      In chasing her own dreams, whether for a modelling career or for furthering her advocacies, Catriona looked for people, teams and organizations that could help her do just that.      "I choose my partners very carefully. For instance in the case of money matters, I chose to go with my most trusted bank, BDO. Their recent 'Find Your Way' campaign is deeply personal for me, and I am so honored that BDO saw my journey as a way of inspiring other people," she shared.      "I've had several financial conversations with BDO officers and I am so impressed by their depth of knowledge and am using that to help me achieve my unique goals," Catriona said.      "My dreams will continue to evolve! I would love to see myself pursuing music as a performer and recording artist with the goal of having my own songs and doing benefit tours. Also, I plan on pursuing business that has a community contribution," the beauty queen added.      "I want to be known as a purposeful queen – to represent a person that not only strives for success, but realizes the responsibility of helping others achieve it also."

Above Sea Level’s famed giant butterfly squid now in Oro

September 9, 2019

THE famed giant butterfly squid which became a trend in Metro Manila for the past several years has finally come to CDO.      Above Sea Level – the restaurant behind such exquisite delicacy – opened its fifth Mindanao branch last September 6 in Centerpoint along Domingo Velez-Corrales, Cagayan de Oro City. (There are already existing branches in Davao, Zamboanga and Iligan cities.)      According to franchisee Mae Grace Pilapil-Siao, the giant butterfly squid is a deep-fried breaded giant squid on a skewer cut in the open to resemble a butterfly. Sizing of the giant butterfly squid begins from baby groot to giant to super to king and to groot. Of course, one can still order the giant butterfly squid in threes and they call this the squidfest which is good for up to three persons.      The Cagayan de Oro branch of Above Sea Level strictly follows the standards of the company which originated from Quezon City way back – all their cooks are trained by the parent branch and Ms. Pilapil-Siao herself assured that the ingredients are of the utmost quality.      That means that they could not just change the menu anytime they like – they must adhere to the reputation that Above Sea Level has been known for. So the only other dishes in the menu are beef-wrapped shrimp, squid overload, firecracker shrimp, Seafood Festival (crabs, mussels, shrimps, corn cob and sauce made of crab fat) and spicy krispy sizzling posit with Java rice.      In the evening, however, Above Sea Level offers acoustic entertainment with matching beer.      Above Sea Level is open Sundays to Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. and on Fridays through Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight.

The K-Pop Beginner’s Guide to EXO

August 23, 2019

The chart-topping K-Pop legends will be back in Manila this August 24!   K-Pop fever is stronger than ever, and one of the biggest boybands to capture the hearts of fans not only in the Philippines, but on the entire planet, is EXO. Local K-Pop fans are in for a treat this month, as Globe will be bringing EXO to the country again for EXO Planet #5 — EXplOration in Manila at the MOA Arena on August 24. If you’ve just begun your K-Pop journey and want to get the lowdown on this Seoul-based supergroup, here’s a guide that will tell you the basics you need to know . The Members      EXO is divided into two sub-groups - EXO-K (Korean) and EXO-M (EXO Mandarin) - as they promote their songs in both languages. Currently, the solid lineup consists of nine members with a specific role each - Xiumin (lead dancer and vocalist), Suho (leader, lead vocalist), Lay (main dancer and vocalist), Baekhyun (main vocalist), Chen (main vocalist), Chanyeol (main rapper), D.O (main vocalist), Kai (main dancer), and Sehun (lead dancer).  The Hits      It’s hard to pick just one EXO song as your favorite, but it should be easy for you to choose as many as you like. Here are a few to start with.      “Growl” is known as EXO’s groundbreaking single. It’s catchy and danceable, a pop ditty that ticks all the boxes when it comes to becoming an instant hit. The 2016 hit “Monster” on the other hand, is an addictive mix of EDM and hip-hop that talks about love and obsession, while “Call Me Baby” is a smooth track made for both dancing and easy listening.      “Ko Ko Bop,” a track from the band’s 2017 album The War, shows us a different kind of EXO. It has elements of reggae and electronic to it, with heavy bass lines and guitar licks blending perfectly with drum beats and laser sounds. “Overdose,” one of the group’s earlier hits, is a seductive blend of R&B and hip-hop that lyrically compares physical attraction to—you guessed it—a drug overdose.       “Mama” is a song all K-Pop fans should have on their playlists. EXO’s debut single is emotive at one point and danceable the next. It starts with a spoken intro, segues to beguiling chants, and then flourishes into an edgy dance track. Viral Music Videos      K-Pop music videos aren’t just about the music. Each video is a major production that overwhelms the senses and tickles the imagination. Highly stylized choreography and striking costumes are a given, but what makes one video different from the next are the unique little stories that unfold as you go from one video to the next.       The music video for “Monster” features EXO’s members in an apparently bruised state, clad in all-black attire, with a long dining table, snake, and a burning vehicle thrown into the mix. On the other side of the spectrum is the relaxed, summery vibe of the video for “Ko Ko Bop,” where you’ll see the boys wearing candy-colored outfits.      Another standout music video is the one for “Overdose,” which is laced with mystic elements you’ll find right at the beginning.       Topping this list is the music video for “Power.” It’s a mix of live-action and animated sequences, and you’ll see the boys fighting a robot in a video game-like universe.  Studio Albums       EXO has released six studio recordings so far. The group’s first studio album, XOXO, was released in 2013, followed by Exodus in 2015, Ex’Act in 2016, and The War in 2017. In 2018, the group released two albums: Don't Mess Up My Tempo, and Countdown, a Japanese recording.  Awards and Recognition      In 2012, EXO won as Best New Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards and bagged the New Artist Award at the Seoul Music Awards.      The band’s debut album, XOXO, was proclaimed Album of the Year at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards and because of it, the band was given its first Daesang award. “Growl” was named Song of the Year at the 2013 Melon Music Awards.      EXO has reaped over 20 Daesang awards from various award-giving bodies and bagged seven Album of the Year trophies over the years. The group earned a Guinness World Records recognition for bagging the most Daesang awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Forbes recognized the members as the most powerful celebrities in South Korea for 2015 and 2016.      Before 2018 ends, EXO was recognized as the “Quintuple Million Seller Artist” with their fifth full-length album, Don’t Mess Up My Tempo after selling over 1.1 million copies in just 10 days. This hit album has garnered several awards including the Bonsang Prize from the Golden Disc Awards and made EXO the first ever KPop act to sell a cumulative of 10 million albums in Korea among artists who debuted after the year 2000. At the same time, EXO won the Hallyu Star Award at the 2018 Seoul Music Awards and has also been nominated at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards for the Top Social Artist recognition.       These talented young men will be in Manila very soon, but until then, all we can do is contain our excitement and feast on their songs, photos, and videos, online. Want to keep updated on your favorite K-Pop stars? Join K-mmunity PH at so you can be the first to know about upcoming K-Pop events, and bond with fellow K-Pop fans.      Most recently, Globe has brought massive K-Pop acts like TWICE, BLACKPINK, Wanna One, and Super Junior to the country to satiate the K-Pop cravings of Filipino fans. With more exciting artists like EXO lined up, Filipino fans are sure to experience world-class music entertainment—a commitment that Globe will continue to strengthen for years to come. Don’t forget to follow Globe ICON on FB and IG.

Solane brings Kitchen Hero Chef's Edition to Kumbira Masters 2019

August 16, 2019

SOLANE - one of the leading LPG solutions brand - is taking its grandest culinary competition to Mindanao as it kicks off a series of regional cook-offs for the Solane Kitchen Hero Chefs Edition, the first ever cooking competition that aims to discover the next big name in the culinary world.      "Mindanao is home to some of the country's culinary treasures and the most talented chefs in the country," said Isla LPG Corp. CEO Ruben Domingo. "Through the Solane Kitchen Hero competition, we aim to recognize these chefs who are vital in bringing Filipino cuisine to the world stage. At the same time, we are on a quest to explore and highlight Filipino specialties that are unique to our provinces."      For this one of a kind cook-off, participants must be Filipino professional chefs with at least three years of kitchen experience gained locally or abroad and must be currently employed in a hotel, restaurant or any food service establishment.      It was based on the following criteria: 50 percent featured ingredients and 50 percent originality and creativity.      The culinary creations were judged by renowned chef and Solane Kitchen Hero ambassador Chef Sau del Rosario and competition director Nancy Reyes-Lumen.      Winners will compete in the grand finals on September 7, 2019 at Eastwood City, Manila. Photo by Mark Francisco

Much More than just Golf

July 29, 2019

“This is the third tournament we have organized but this is different because it’s going to be a thanksgiving for all golfers we have served through Chris Coffee Cuisine at the Pueblo de Oro Golf & Country Clubhouse for the past five years,” said Ms. Jennifer Chua (Chairman and Event Organizer) at the July 23 Media Launch of the 1st Golden Friendship Cup (GFC) scheduled on November 13-17, 2019 at the Pueblo de Oro Golf and Country Club golf course in Uptown Cagayan de Oro City. “It’s not just golf means it’s also about creating relationships and doing business with others,” Ms. Chua added. “We expect CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents of companies and senior executives to join us. We are also inviting celebrities to join the tournament.” As a four day event, the GFC features various events for its duration and perks for players including free breakfast for the first two days, socials hosted by the tournament organizers at various venues in the evenings, and a Barrio Fiesta Sugbahan sa Golf Course at the Clubhouse Garden on Day 3. “This tournament is meant to be a showcase,” said Manuel Along, one of the tournament directors who’s also Past District Governor of Rotary International District 3870. “Aside from fostering fellowship and camaraderie in the golf course, this is meant to let other people know we can have a big tournament like this here in CDO because I understand many high profile celebrity players are coming here. If they are willing to come and be here, this is sufficient proof we can host such tournaments here in CDO.” “Actually we have already hosted several big conventions in Cagayan de Oro earlier this year like the ANCOM of the Free Masons and the Eagles National Convention,” added Noel Sadava, another of the tournament directors. “ANCOM alone accommodated over 6,000 delegates who expressed their satisfaction with the hosting of the local Masons and the city government. With that experience, we can say CDO is a very safe place.” “I think that’s also an indication we are ready to host such big events,” said Chrysler Acebu, president of Pueblo de Oro Golf & Country Club. “This tournament can be a statement to reassure the entire country as well as international golfers that CDO and Northern Mindanao for that matter, is really a safe place to visit and play golf, as well as visit our tourist destinations,” he assured. “We are a championship golf course, designed by renowned golf architect Robert Trent Jones III, and we are confident the facilities and amenities, particularly the golf course, is rated among the top 5 golf courses in the country,” Acebu added. City Information Office Maricel Rivera also expressed the Cagayan de Oro City government’s all-out support for the GFC during the same event. “While it is undoubtedly exciting for the golfers, we’d also like to see its impact on the economy for this four-day long event. Besides our hotels and restaurants, we will also invite our guests to enjoy our tourism-related events and destinations such as our signature white water rafting along the Cagayan River, City Tours, the Kagay-an Lawndale Spring Resort, our Museum and Walking Tours, among others” Rivera said. Besides the city government and its various agencies like the Oro Trade and Investment Promotion Center, City Tourism Office, and City Tourism Council, the private sector is also expected to pitch in to make GFC a complete Kagay-anon Experience for the lucky visitors with the participation of the Cagayan de Oro Hotels & Restaurant Association (COHARA), Promote Normin, Inc., the Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. (Oro Chamber) and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Region 10 (PCCI-10). “It’s not just golf but a combination of investment and business promotion with tourism,” said Acebu, who is also the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation (PDO) which hosts the GFC tournament venue. “PDO is in the real estate industry and as a developer can benefit if we are more pro-active about it by cross-selling golf what’s in CDO and Normin. So we have to capitalize on the presence of these visitors mainly coming for golf, but do more than just golf. We have our hotels and restaurants, our tourism destinations, but also look at its long-term benefits to the region down the road. We need more of these types of events promoting CDO and Region 10, as well as the whole of Mindanao,” he stressed. “In behalf of the city government, we’re very thankful to the organizers for helping bring back trust and confidence to Cagayan de Oro,” Rivera said. GFC is organized by Chris Coffee Cuisine, the City Government of Cagayan de Oro, City Tourism Office, Dept. of Tourism Region 10 office, Pueblo de Oro Golf and Country Club, Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation, Great Depot Inc., JT International and Rotary Club of Kalayaan Cagayan de Oro, in cooperation with Lions International, Japan Tobacco International, Damiani Service Apartments with the Cagayan de Oro Times, BusinessWeek Mindanao and Mindanao Daily as its official media partners. HOW TO REGISTER ***EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION*** August to September – P4, 500 October – P5, 500 November – P6, 000 (Including Insurance and Mulligans) Please address your payment to Chris Coffee Cuisine: Metro Bank Account Number: 048704851360 FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: 0917 633 4433/ 088 858 7436/ 0906 394 7509 LOOK FOR CATHY AND VIC-VIC FOR TOURNAMENT PROGRAM CONTACT: SECRETARIATE 0917 701 2736/ 0945 457 7888 LOOK FOR KAYE/JENNY EMAIL ADDRESS: For weekly updates and surprises:  Follow them on Facebook: Golden Friendship Cup


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