4 month old Baby Yuan of Malaybalay City needs your help!

By JOEL C. ESCOL, MDNN News Editor & OSCAR LEDESMA, MDNN Bukidnon Bureau Chief
June 28, 2021


MALAYBALAY CITY - If there is a very hurting story that challenges the lives of every couple, it's when their baby is sick and rushed to the nearest hospital.
This is the very sad and heartwarming story of Angel Bayron Misto and Jhonrey Atillo Solijon. Their 4 month-old baby Yuan was admitted at the Bethel Hospital in Malaybalay City, the heart of the province of Bukidnon.
The couple lives in Purok 2 Capinonan, Cabanglasan, one of the towns in Bukidnon which is very near to Malaybalay City. It would only take you less than an hour by bus or passenger jeepney to be able to reach to this 4th class municipality.

"We are knocking at your kind heart to please help Yuan survive this challenge of his life. We need financial help and more prayers for our four month old baby Yuan, says Angel crying, the 15 year-old mother of Yuan.

MDNN learned from the biological parents of Baby Yuan that his condition started with having a green-color human waste and then he kept on vomiting until he became dehydrated and vomitted Milo-colored watery substance. The worst thing was when his human waste was all blood, and he was immediately rushed at Bethel Hospital in Malaybalay City last June 14, 2021.
The attending physician diagnosed the baby as having Hirschprung Disease (HSCR), a birth disorder characterized by the absence of particular nerve cells (ganglions) in a segment of the bowel in an infant. The absence of ganglion cells causes the muscles in the bowels to lose their ability to move stool through the intestine. (peristalsis)

Angel, Yuan's mom admitted they have financial problem and the couple cannot sustain the medical prescriptions given by Yuan's attending physician.    
Even her sister has already been helping her procure some money from relatives and friends. Right now, one prescriptions alone cost over P4,000.00 aside from a lot of medical prescriptions.
"Mangayo jud mi tabang sa mga taga Malaybalay ug sa mga tawong adunay malumo nga kasingkasing sa Facebook and other social media platforms para maluwas si Baby Yuan. Kung aduna lang unta mi kwarta dili jud ko magpaka-ulaw pangayo sa mga tawo nga dili namo kaila, says Angel in an excluisve interview conducted to his sister.
For those who feel the recent predicament of Baby Yuan and wanted to help the family, you can donate to their gcash account: 09506348005  Jonela Jone or call Yuan's mom Angel thru this phone # 09700509132.



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