Pinoy couple in America survives virus infection using only salt and hot water

May 18, 2020


BELIEVE IT OR NOT but a Filipino couple in New York, United States, has survived from a coronavirus disease infection by simply inhaling hot water with salt.
    The couple narrated in an interview with TV Channel 7 last April 18, 2020 that they were infected with the deadly covid-19 virus, but instead of panicking and going to the hospital, they just stayed home and did what is needed to be done to survive from the deadly infectious disease which originated in Wuhan, China, a few months back.
    Instead, the couple reveals, they boiled water and added salt and then they inhaled the steam for a couple of minutes. The steam of the hot water could kill covid-19 virus, according to the couple during an interview.
    A chinese expert has assured everyone that inhilation of a steam from hot water mixed with salt could kill covid-19 100 percent. This, even as the virus has entered ear, nose, throat or lungs. "Coronavirus disease, according to the couple, cannot stand against hot water steam."
    "This is the most effective and economical way to eradicate covid-19. Once an infected person is subjected or treated to this type of traditional medication, the person infected with the deadly coronavirus disease can easily recover.     
    Meanwhile, Joffrey Hapitan also wrote in his social media account that people should continue looking for the cure of this coronavirus disease that has now killed almost 300,000 people all over the world.
    He said that the following are suggested measures to help prevent from getting infected by the novel coronavirus:
    1.    Follow the basic guidelines on wearing of mask, social distancing and frequent washing of hands.
    2.    Gargle with saline (salt + water) twice daily; one in the morning and another in the evening.
    3.    Sunbathing for 15 minutes in the morning.
    4.    Drink eight glasses of water daily, preferably alkaline water if available.
    5.    Take vitamin C every day.
    In case of the slightest feeling of sore throat and sneezing, proceed to observe the following:
    1.    Steam therapy or “toub”. Boil water and add salt. Get a blanket and cover your whole body with it. Place the pot with the boiled saline water under the blanket and inhale its steam.
    2.    Wrap fine slices of onions in a handkerchief. Place it on your chest and let it stay there overnight.
    "We must fight COVID-19 within the confines of our homes and refrain from going to the hospital for COVID-19 treatment if the symptoms are not serious. If we can prevent ourselves from catching cold or flu, we can surely prevent ourselves from being infected by coronavirus. Prevention is the key in totally eradicating this pandemic," Hapitan concluded.



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