Life in Uptown CdO during General Community Quarantine

By Lorens Ziller, Vice President of the Italian Chamber in the Philippines
May 18, 2020


This recent experience of general community quarantine has thought all of us a very important lesson. First of all the importance of living in a comfortable space and in a healthy environment. Then as second comes the location of your home. Now we know how important it is to be strategically located near a facility like a mall, a grocery or a supermarket. Third is the internet connectivity. What would we do without being online, visiting our facebook, reading our emails, watching tiktok??

Forcefully staying at home with the “wrong” people or a nagging wife or mother in law is definitely not a pleasant experience but fortunately not all of us have to endure such a situation. Undoubtedly it has taken a toll on all of us. Psychologically, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. I have friends that are spending their quarantine in their 300sqm villas with giant pool and others who are locked up with wife and children in a 23sqm studio unit. No matter how big the space of their home prisons they all complain of the same symptoms and they are all looking forward to the monster celebrations, the outdoor grill and pool parties once this is all over. I am sure that some will definitely move out of their current unfriendly remote shoe boxes and choose to stay at a better location maybe even walking distance to all essential services. We never know if something like this can repeat itself. The most painful city ordinance for myself was the ban of jogging or leisure walking. For the rest it was like a “walk in the park” as the Brits would say since you could easily walk from your condo or subdivision to the mall, to the grocery stores or the restaurants. So it was not so bad after all. I feel more sorry for the many children who must be crawling up the house walls and ranting like wild tigers for being locked up in their homes. And giving them electronic gadgets to keep them calm is working only to a certain point.

During this time there have been some people trying to push their apocalyptic world views onto our various administrators and so many 'unreasonable' and unnecessary decisions have been made. Following rules is certainly very important but getting totally carried away by fearful behaviour is totally another story and seriously borders to harassment. What we have learned is that viruses don't thrive in open spaces with a lot of natural light. We have also learned that natural ventilation compared to aircons is equally important. Other than that, if we wear a mask, stay clean, wash our hands and disinfect our homes we should be ok. People die of various reasons every day and it is much more likely to die falling from the stairs than being killed by Covid-19. We will see the statistics and data only in several months to really establish if we did the right thing in strangling the economy or not. Let's stay positive and bounce back with even more energy.



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