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National Teachers Month

The period commencing September 5 and ending October 5 is now celebrated in the Philippines
as National Teachers Month. The last day is celebrated as National Teachers Day.
It is only fitting that due recognition be given to our heroes in and outside the classrooms.


One of the oldest professions in the world, teaching has always been a well-admired vocation.
After all, the doctors, lawyers, businessmen and scientists of the world would not be where
they are today without the knowledge and guidance of their instructors and professors.   
I always remember what a former colleague once told me:

“I was really encouraged by what my high school teacher (Ms. Carmen Hicap) said. She told me I
would make a good economist. So I studied and decided to become one.” Dr. Francis Dakila, Jr.
is now Assistant Governor, Monetary Policy Sub-Sector, at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

It is true that teaching has been overshadowed by more glamorous and high paying jobs.
But thank God for the thousands out there who have stuck to this vocation and who have
shown that  while teaching can be the most difficult job, it can also be most fulfilling.


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