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Marriage feng shui

In marrying never pick a rock and hit your head. So goes the Feng Shui advice for marriage.
How and why?
It evolves from Chinese tradition in Feng Shui!
What is this tradition?
It is the materialistic pursuit of wealth for a family and keeping the wealth within the family as well as improving it through fixed intermarriage.
Thus in ancient times we read or hear of arranged marriage between heads of families be they royalty or common folk to achieve this survival plus growth objectives!
In Philippines like other countries, this was seen in intermarriage of tribal clans and eventually rich families that became the elites of Philippine society!
Urban legend in Chinatown, Manila would be the Ty and Tan arranged marriage of son and daughter for a strong "Titan" family alliance and greater prestige let alone status and "face" in the niche of Tsinoy society.
Sometimes in modern times it is born out of common interests bound by corruption and money laundering! As in the case of a rogue Taipan daughter matched for marriage with say the ghost projects' queen's crown prince. What a discovery???
Marriage can mean many things even in Feng Shui. Marriage by convenience for citizenship, or yes, true love or simply to make parents happy as well as fear of being disinherited!
But let's face it, marriage has a price behind the prize.
That's why the bottom line of marrying into wealth is a hard and fast Feng Shui principle.
Adding value to the family assets thru marriage is a common pursuit.
But not an easy one as in Feng Shui this requires that the couple be Feng Shui compatible. Thus the math rule of it is unlucky to marry someone of the same sign or your opposing zodiac sign in the Chinese zodiac.
A quick guide: rat vs rat and horse, horse vs horse and rat! Ox vs ox and sheep. Sheep vs sheep and ox. Tiger vs tiger and monkey. Monkey vs monkey and tiger. Rabbit vs rabbit and rooster. Rooster vs rooster and rabbit. Dragon vs dragon and dog. Dog vs dog and dragon. Pig vs pig and snake. Snake vs snake and pig.
Many have separated or divorced violating the above matching principle in marriage.
Is there a remedy? Yes, and it is shared upon a formal consultation with a genuine Feng Shui master and not any silently renounced claiming to be renowned in Philippines let alone Asia.
How in the world can a fraudster whose gender or marital status questionable be able to give wise counsel on marriage?
Marry right and well and be merry! Beware of closet fake Feng Shui.

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