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Growing your small business (First of Two Parts)

The book featured 10 microentrepreneurs who have received the “Citi Microentrepreneur of the Year” Award since the program was conceived 10 years ago.

            “Their compelling stories lend a face to our philanthropic investment in the field of microfinance and microenterprise development,” said Sanjiv Vohra, Citi Country Officer for the Philippines.

            Vohra added, “From their humble beginnings, these men and women are now shaping the future of their communities.”

            In this week and next week’s column, allow me  to share with you some pearls of wisdom from these amazing microentrepreneurs:


·      Jennilyn Antonio, peanut butter entrepreneur

o   Problems are there to make us think. Learn from them.

o   Trials are part of life. Also learn from them.

o   Always do what is pleasing to the Lord, who gives you strength and guides you on the right path.

o   If you borrow money, do everything you can to pay it back.

o   Never forget the people who helped you succeed, especially those who trusted you with their money.


·      Corazon Bautista, RTW (ready-to-wear) businesswoman

o   Have a budget for your daily needs.

o   Use any business loan solely for the business.

o   Do not mix personal and business funds in order to keep track of how the business is going.

o   Give opportunities to others.

o   Maintain a good relationship with your workers.


·      Dionesia dela Peña, suman entrepreneur

o   Be nice in your dealings with everyone.

o   Help the jobless by hiring them.

o   Do not skimp on ingredients.

o   Never mess with the taste that your customers like.


·      Orlando Dulay, buko pie businessman

o   Learn as much as you can about the business you are getting into.

o   Find out where to source your raw materials.

o   Make sure you always have enough basic supplies.

o   Know your target market.

o   Study your product’s marketability.

o   Respect your workers’ rights.


·      Nolie Estocado, Christmas decor entrepreneur

o   Devote a lot of time to your business and do not leave it to others.

o   Find out as much as you can about a new client before accepting a big order from him or her.

o   Talk to your creditors when you are having problems making payments.

o   Treat your workers fairly and honestly.

o   Believe in yourself and do not allow others to rule your destiny.


(To be continued next week)

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