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Grain of salt


UPTOWN, Cagayan de Oro — When politicians promise the moon and the stars, most often than not, they become the problem later, and not the solution.

Perhaps this could be the reason why Sen. Bong Go is comtemplating on withdrawing from the presidential race.

It seems he could no longer bear the heat of PH politics, too dirty and comical as it were.

Yet save for some surviving die-hard yellows now turned pink, presidentiables are fast in the draw in claiming Malacanang this early.

Political theatrics are now happening in every corner of the land as the country prepares for another electoral exercise early next year.

In fact, the blame game has already commenced on social media platforms, and party-junking shall be the name of the game to watch in the coming days.

This is PH politics—unrelenting, deceptive, a labyrinth of empty rhetorics said in jest before the idol-crazed electorate.

Having said that, boxing champ Manny Pacquio, though at the tail-end of presidential surveys, he takes the lead in extolling ( read: faking out) the public of how he would govern this country if ever he lands in Malacanang.

We are not only badly bitten by the deadly coronavirus but there is more to wallow the good Sen. Manny Pacquio may likely fail to address as Malacanang aspirant.

Pacquio’s PR team knows this very well that to fix the country’s woes this time of pandemic is not a walk in the park.

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno is singing the same tune like Sen. Pacquio.

To telll the electorate that he willl sink all China war ships at the WPS is nothing but a fake proposition, granstanding this early to say the least.

To Mayor Isko, perhaps this campaign message will make sense for him: what the country needs is a surgical operation to revive the knocked-out economy due pandemic lockdowns in the past two years.

Be that as it may, we as voters are entitled to listen and discern to all the presidential bets yet the dole outs and political rhetorics cannot make this country resilient and catch up with the rest of the Asean countries.

The wise electorate needs clear-cut platform that would free this country from the bondage of poverty, not just a band-aid solution to the economic woes brought about by the pandemic.

It is heartening to note however that dirty money has started to roll out aimed at deceiving the poor electorate of the scents of 1000 peso bill and the five kilos of rice.

The start of the campaign may come as audicious as candidates would manipulate the electorate’s mindset by way of deceptive political maneuvers, mudslinging included.

Ideally, all of those vying for elective posts, notwithstanding their political persuasions have to respect the electoral process and people’s judgment via the power of the ballot.

Let us take this political exercise with a grain of salt.(ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)

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