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Gov. Unabia Leads Integrated Benchmarking for Health and Agriculture Advancements in Misamis Oriental

Misamis Oriental – Governor Peter “Sr. Pedro” M. Unabia spearheads a comprehensive benchmarking initiative in General Santos City, focusing on healthcare and cattle production.

The dynamic process aims to enhance accessibility, quality, and efficiency in healthcare services, refining drug procurement for a seamless supply chain within Misamis Oriental.

This benchmarking initiative focuses on identifying and implementing the best healthcare practices to enhance the efficiency of medicine distribution networks within the province.

By learning from successful models outside the province, the government can tailor strategies that are contextually relevant, leading to a more resilient and responsive healthcare system for all Misamisnons.

This initiative outlines Governor Unabia’s Paglaum Development Agenda emphasizing on unified efforts for health and social services delivery.

Simultaneously, the province is committed to transforming cattle production through sustainable agricultural practices. The recent visit to Lisa Farm in General Santos City, home to over 2,500 cattle, demonstrates Misamis Oriental’s dedication to adopting successful global models, aiming to improve livestock care, nutrition, and breeding practices which could be practiced in the province.

This initiative aligns with the governor’s Paglaum Development Agenda focusing on Agriculture Development for Poverty Eradication.

Governor Unabia’s vision is that these initiatives will pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for both the healthcare and agricultural sector for the province of Misamis Oriental. (Gerry Lee Gorit)


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