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Globe blocks over 138M spam, scam messages from January to June 15

Globe has been relentless in its efforts to help keep the public safe from malicious and fraudulent activities online, blocking over 138 million spam and scam messages from January to June 15 this year.

The anti-spam blocking peaked in May, with 74.48 million total unwanted messages filtered out. The total figure includes app-to-person and person-to-person messages of both local and international origin.

The digital solutions platform also deactivated 12,877 mobile numbers from January to May due to spamming out of customer reports via Globe’s Stop Spam web portal.

“Many Filipinos were quick to adopt all things digital.  Unfortunately, with the increase in adoption, the cybersecurity landscape has become bleaker.  A lot of attacks have happened over the past 10 years but the pandemic has been a force multiplier,” said Anton Bonifacio, Globe Chief Information Security Officer.

“This is why we have intensified even more our efforts to block spam messages through a stringent filtering system. We are also glad that the public has been vigilant, making use of our reporting portal to flag these unwanted messages,” he said.

The situation is not unique to the Philippines as cybercriminals are a global threat. To combat these, Globe invests in tools to proactively detect suspicious content on the Internet. Reporting tools and processes were also enabled for employees, customers, and partners to immediately capture customer concerns about fraud and scams.

Globe started its cybersecurity transformation journey in 2014 by building its capabilities to prevent attacks and threats to its infrastructure and protect its customers. It has a security operations center that works 24/7 to fend off and detect attacks or breaches very quickly and over 100 people dedicated to cybersecurity efforts.

“We cannot enable the Filipino digital lifestyle without cybersecurity. Customer protection is our top priority. So we have been investing millions of dollars on systems and processes to combat security threats even without any promise of a return on investment. After all, the biggest ROI are the peace of mind and safety of our customers,” Bonifacio added.

Meanwhile, Globe encourages the public to be more vigilant.  Through its #MakeITsafePH campaign, the company regularly provides its customers with relevant information about cybersecurity and responsible use of the Internet to boost awareness and help them protect themselves.

Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9, highlighting the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. It is committed to upholding the UN Global Compact principles and contributing to 10 UN SDGs.

To learn more about Globe, visit www.globe.com.ph.


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