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Fly by night feng shui

Many a client engage Feng Shui as a second or even nth opinion in a desperation move
Often they didn't get what they wished for. Why? Fake or fly by night Feng Shui or hso siao in Chinese!
Here are my findings in the field these charlatan "Feng Shui" do:
1. They have a 'feng shui' shop. This alone hints they are simply out to sell and get rid of their smuggled or fake inventory of socalled Feng Shui enhancers or remedies. Mostly imitations, these things don't work as promised.
2. They are in shiwy costumes just trying hard sell to ompress.
3. They have an office! A real geomamcer holds office in the field, out on ocular visits not tabletop consultation like a fortune teller or tarot reader. To see us to do it for real. A plan presented may not reveal a neighboring cemetery! Got it?
4. They put describe different lucky colors daily. Thus is not Feng Shui at all but fraud just to titillate your gullibility or fancy!
5. They speak fast in a not understandable manner to fool you fast enough.
6. They recommend items that are costly even sell you a house and lit as they get commission or profit on the side.
7. They can hypnotize or drug you so never partake of their food and drink especially tea. For ladies, you can be molested or raped with rape drugs!
8. They require you to stick bagua or yellow sticker if Chinese calligraphy that turn out to be not prayers for protection but incantations or curse to fail in love or career even marriage so that as problems add up, you keep going back to them for more.
9. They threaten you with sickness or death.
10. They wear a moustache or beard, beware even if she is a lady or quack ha ha!
11. They advertise hard sell.
12. They claim to be back if all trades say tarot, fortune teller aside from Feng Shui. Why? Obviously to fool. Even false claims if being ceetified +for nothing). Or that this or that master's taught them.
13. Worst us one who claims it is a gift or that he or she has a third eye, then you are truly dead meat!
Beyond all they make a blasphemy excuse that all is in God's work not theirs or yours when it comes to your date and fortune. Just like a colonial friar named Padre Damaso. And some even do Feng Shui now pay later schemes! they have a PR manager hahaha!
And all the overhead is factored into the price you will or have been swindled to pay!
So be aware, beware! Fly by night? No fly by day too!
Are you ready to part with your hard earned monies and let it fly away by day or night? The answer is not in God's hands but yours, left and right alone. Ciao!

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