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Fixing Cebu’s broken power lines yields joy: ILPI TF Odette

ILIGAN CITY (PIA)–Members of the Task Force Typhoon Odette of the Iligan Light & Power, Inc. (ILPI) conveyed how they felt upon carrying out their mission in Cebu City, one of the major places severely affected by the onslaught of Typhoon Odette in December 2021. 

ILPI Line Maintenance Unit Head Engr. Jun Tano said they voluntarily participated in the mission.

He shared that it was not his first time to be deployed for a mission since he was also part of the team aiding Cebu City to recover from Typhoon Yolanda’s wrath eight years ago, but the latest experience was said to be different because of the vast damage and overextension of their timeline. 

Tano said their limitless service was paid off as they were delighted with the gratitude extended to them when successfully reenergizing a place. 

“Although kapoy pero tungod sa kalipay sa mga tao nga makita nimo [human marestore ang power], malipay lang pud ta. Murag mawala ang kakapoy namo kay ang among trabaho didto walay limit sa oras, kung kanus-a ka taman mahuman anang particular job,” he said. 

[Although it is tiring but because of the joy of the people that we see [after restoring a power], we also get happy. It was as if our tiredness disappeared because our job there had no limit with regards to the time, as to when we get to finish a particular job.]

ILPI lineworker Terence Hale Naive, on the other hand, affirmed Tano’s statements as he underscored that indeed, their activity was wearing but such was likewise overwhelming and inspiring, especially when they have witnessed the ecstasy of the residents in their area of responsibility after restoring the power. 

“Bisag unsa ka kapoy sa among trabaho didto, gana lang gihapon mi. Bisan magabin-an mi, nindot lang gihapon itrabaho kay daghan man kaayo muingon sa amo og salamat ug salig sila sa amo kay kung wala daw mi niabot, dili man sila kasiga dayon,” he said.

[Despite how tiring our work was, we were still driven. Although we reached nighttime, it was still okay to work because a lot would say their thanks and that they trust us as they saw that if it had not been for us, their electricity would not be restored immediately.] 

Since its departure on December 23, 2021 for the plotted mission, the ILPI’s Task Force Typhoon Odette has stayed for more than a month in Cebu City and returned home Tuesday, February 8. (CRG/PIA-Lanao del Norte)

Photo caption: 

The Iligan Light & Power, Inc. (ILPI)’s Task Force Typhoon Odette conveys that their mission to help in the power restoration in Cebu City is tiring but this is paid off by the happiness of the residents of their area of assignment. (ILPI)

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