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Drop off your laundry at SoakClean and take time at KinLove Flowers + Coffee while waiting


IT’s the only shop in Cagayan de Oro that fuses a laundromat, a café and a flower shop together. SoakClean and KinLove Flowers + Coffee is now open to serve you at G/L Rementina Bldg., Macapagal Drive in uptown CDO.

SoakClean opens as early as 7:00 a.m. every day so professionals, entrepreneurs and students on the go can simply drop their used linen any time and pick them up before they go home for the evening. That’s because SoakClean closes as late as 10:30 p.m., definitely the only night own laundromat in this city.

SoakClean accepts washing, drying and folding of your everyday wear as well as your blankets and comforters in three options: drop off and pick up, pick up and delivered, or self-service.

But for those who have the luxury of their own time, you can wait for your laundry to finish drying and folding at the adjacent KinLove Flowers + Coffee. Available on hand are coffee in hot or iced (Americano, latte, mocha, vanilla latte, caramel macchiato, Spanish latte, salted caramel latte, espresso matcha); frappe in coffee or non-coffee (vanilla, dark chocolate, matcha, blueberry, mixed berries).

They also have splash drinkis such as mango, blueberry and mixed berries; juices (blueberry, calamansi, passion fruit); tea in hot or iced (hibiscus, rosemary, jasmine, chamomile); milk tea (chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla); chocolate, dark choco and matcha latte.

They also have varied comfort food such as snacks (spicy rameon, red pesto pasta, cheese panini, tuna panini, mango waffle pancake, blueberry waffle pancake, strawberry waffle pancake); and rice bowls (spam, corned beef).

For desserts, KinLove serves cakes in whole or slice (triple chocolate, choco butternut, black forest and mini cake). And they accept orders via Grab.

KinLove Flowers + Coffee isn’t complete without the flowers which come in fresh or dried, local and imported. Their array of dried flowers include bunny tail, small pompass, misty, gypsophilia, cotton flower and preserved rose.

Surprise your loved one with a combination of flowers + coffee, flowers + cookies or flowers + cake. Lastly, KinLove Flowers + Coffee also accepts flowers styling in events such as weddings, debuts and other birthdays. For bookings and orders, please call 09772474688.

Please follow their social media accounts Facebook: KinLove

Facebook: SoakClean Laundry Shop

Pinterest: KinloveShop

Youtube: KinLove Flowers + Coffee

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