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New COMC Management cities first quarter gains

By Mike Baños

First ever admin floor dedicated on 53rd anniversary

It took all of five decades and some, but one of Cagayan de Oro’s premier medical institutions finally has its own floor devoted to the hospital’s administration.

The new facility was inaugurated on November 15 with a blessing of the premises and a simple brunch for the employees at the 4th floor of the Cagayan de Oro Medical Center Inc. (COMCI) Building 3 along Tiano Brothers corner Nacalaban Street.

The new facility includes the Boardroom, offices of the President & Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Human Resource Manager, Director of Nursing Service, Accounting Office, Nursing Service Office, Payroll in-charge, and Philhealth Office.

According the COMCI President & Chief Executive Officer Ferdinand A. Floirendo, this is the first time ever COMC will have an entire floor devoted to its administrative offices which will significantly improve its administrative services for its patients, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

“The keys to a successful healthcare delivery system are access, convenience and speed,” Floirendo stressed. “By placing all our administrative functions on the same floor, we significantly improve the quality and speed of delivery of our services to all our stakeholders.”

53rd Anniversary

COMCI marked its 53rd anniversary on September 15, 2022 with simple rites preceded by a mass presided by Fr. Neil Pagalan, followed by a short program including an anniversary message from Floirendo, the recognition of the Employee of the Year who was awarded a token and cash gift, followed by a luncheon for all employees who all received a 53rd Anniversary cash gift.

“When COMCI marked its 53rd anniversary last September 15, 2022, we took pride from the fact that we reached 53 years of continuous quality healthcare service for the community of Cagayan de Oro City and its neighboring municipalities,” Floirendo said.

“But we can’t take it easy at 53. Rather, we need to further step up and improve in the succeeding years for widen the scope of our services to our fellow Kagay-anons and patients from adjacent areas as the city and its environs undergo metropolization.”

90-Days Achievements & Milestones

Since Floirendo and his Management Team assumed office three months ago, COMCI has made significant strides in its journey toward realizing the vision of being a leading healthcare provider in Cagayan de Oro City.

Among these are affiliations with various government agencies, schools and other healthcare institutions expected to significantly contribute to the hospital’s cash flow, upgrading and repairs of facilities resulting in significant savings, compliance with government mandated standards similarly expected to result to significant savings, participation in government trainings and programs aimed at improving the quality of healthcare services, improved collections and additional payment modes to improve the quality and convenience of payments and collections for all affected stakeholders, establishment of the Occupational Safety and Health Department under Dr. Gilbert Gille with the institutionalization of emergency protocols (Code Red/Fire; Code Blue/CPR Cardiac Arrest); and Dr Strong/Security), and improved compensation and benefits for key employees.

“For the past few months since the new Management assumed office under the leadership of Pres. Floirendo, we have been able to accomplish several developments,” said COMCI Chief Operating Officer & Hospital Administrator Jonathan T. Casio. “We have substantially improved our relations with our staff, consultants, investors, patrons, suppliers, government agencies, and the community in general. Our goal is to provide the best care possible for our patients; thus, room renovations, equipment upgrades, and customer comfort are now prioritized.”

“Enhanced employee benefits are in the process of implementation to better serve our workforce which we believe is the backbone of this institution. Training and updates are now being lined up to better empower our staff and make them even more efficient and compassionate healthcare providers,” he added.

Brief History

Cagayan de Oro Medical Center, Inc. (COMCI) was established by six pioneering medical practitioners in 1969.

Dr. Roberto Nery (Surgery); Dr. Zenaida A. Floirendo (Obstetrics-Gynecology); Dr. Pedro Mende, Jr. (Internal Medicine); Dr. Santiago Mercado Jr. (Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat); Dr. Jose Gaerlan (Pathology) and Dr. Maximo Llido, (Pathology) formally incorporated COMCI on April 10, 1969.

Its first building was originally located at Don Apolinar Velez Street and grew to a 25 bed capacity hospital by 1971, with two Resident Physicians, Dr. Emmanuel Verendia, and Dr. Regenita Estrera, who was also an Anesthesiologist. After two years, they transferred to a leased building at Don Sergio Osmeña Street and bought new hospital equipment and apparatus.

On March 17, 1974, a modern hospital building with additional equipment and facilities was inaugurated at the hospital’s present location at the corner of Tiano Brothers-Nacalaban Streets. The new P5-million COMCI Building 1 quickly became a landmark of Cagayan de Oro City.

Except for Dr. Pedro Mende and Dr. Maximo Llido, the group remained intact and were joined by Dr. Francisco Oh (Internal Medicine); Dr. Pedro Abalos (Pediatrics); Dr. Jesus Seriña, Jr., (Anesthesiology) and Dr. Rito Nangcas (Radiology).

When Dr. Roberto Nery left for Australia, Dr. Hernando Emano, an equally dynamic and competent surgeon was invited to take his place.

Mr. Rafael Floirendo, father of the present President & CEO, served as Chairman of the Board for 15 consecutive years.

More doctors joined COMCI in 1986: Department of Obstetrics, Dr. Ruth Semilla-Betran; Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Rosario de Venecia-Cabrera, and Dr. Evelyn Estorba; Department of Radiology, Dr. Ronald Caumban; Dermatology, Dr Jessica Soriano. Joining Dr. Francisco Oh in the Department of Internal Medicine were Dr. Vicente Jose Velez, Cardiology, Dr. Edna Ricarte, Gastroenterology and Dr. Dennis Tudtud, Oncology.

Since 1987, the hospital invited Fellow and Diplomate Consultants to hold their clinics at CMIC with specialties ranging from Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, Ophthalmology, Neurology, Otorhinolaryngology, Radiology, and Urology, among others.

Today, the second generation of the original incorporators are now members of COMCI’s medical staff: Dr. Fe Marissa Mercado, Opthalmology, and Dr. Melissa Floirendo-Diawatan, Obstetrics-Gynecology, and Dr. Alan Chang, Endocrinology.

In 1993, the four-story Building 2 along Nacalaban Street just across Building 1 was built, with two more floors added in January 2005.

In 2004, COMCI opened its doors to nursing schools of Lourdes College in April, Liceo de Cagayan University in June 2004, and Capitol University in November 2005.

Following a set of criteria, the Accreditation Committee approved the following doctors as active members of COMCI’s medical staff: Dr. Rustan Hautea, Dr. Augusto Dejos, Dr. Antonio Carpio, Dr. Fausto Tancongco, Dr. Antonietta Sison, Dr. Franco de la Serna, Dr. Raul Winston Andutan, Dr. Joseph Garcia, Dr. Christy Caumban, Dr. Leah Floirendo, Dr. Leah Tancongco, and Dr. Hiyasmin Hernandez.

In February 2009, the Nuclear Medicine Department was inaugurated.

On October 22, 2013 Building 3 was constructed and on May 21, 2016 the Oncology Department moved into the new facility.

On January 11, 2017 the 12-unit Hemodialysis Department started operations.

At present, COMCI is accredited as a general hospital with a 120 bed capacity.

The Future

For the not so distant future, Floirendo said COMCI already envisions having a medical arts complex with pharmacy, diagnostic laboratory set up, hemodialysis unit, radiology, ang urgent care to serve patients beyond the immediate city limits.

“This will include a mobile clinic for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) where COMCI will come to the patient, instead of the patient coming to the hospital,” Floirendo said.

“As part of the COMCI family, we work not just for our own livelihood, but strive beyond expectations since health and wellness is an avocation where our true passions for service to others comes to life when we render a competent and compassionate service that is more than what’s expected to our patients and other stakeholders,” he emphasized.


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