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Cagayan de Oro-To showcase  Mindanao island to the world, the Department of Tourism Regional Directors in Mindanao agreed during the recently concluded World Travel Trade Summit in Manila that they will initiate a historic event and legacy campaign showcasing the unique diverse culture of Mindanao not just its tourism destinations but also foods, Agriculture,culture and heritage,sports  adventure and faith and others dubbed as “Colors of Mindanao,said Undersecretary for Mindanao Myra Fe Abubakar in a phone interview.

The launching event will be hosted by the regional office of Northern Mindanao headed by Regional Director Marie Elaine Salvana Unchuan and will be held at Cha-li Beach Resort Conference Hall on May 2(Monday).

This is a unification of Mindanao tourism stakeholders and its facilities, Unchuan said.”The entire Department is very excited with this first ever campaign that involves Private and Public Partnership for tourism development showcasing the potentials of Mindanao to the world” she added. The Northern Mindanao Department however identified 8 tourist circuits in the region as part of the campaign in a Travel bubble format. Colors of Mindanao aims to boost also local products as well as emerging tourism markets such as the identified Farm Tourism in the region.

Abubakar on the other hand said that all Regional Directors in Mindanao will 100% join the activity together with top officials in the central office.”For quite sometime,tourist arrivals in Mindanao is staggering behind Luzon and Visayas specially at the peak of the pandemic the reason why they come out with this project during a Mindanao stakeholders session in the recently concluded World Travel Trade Summit wherein Mindanao Tourism was introduced” Abubakar said.

She added,that as strategy to create curiosity with participants from other countries,all Mindanao Directors should wear everyday during the said weeklong activity a waved Mindanaoan themed attire that really caught attention from other foreign delegates.

“Mindanao in the literal sense is the most colorful of all the island in the country because of its diverse culture that correlated with its faith,food and activities”she said. Citing among a few,are the Vintas we’ve seen in Zamboanga which is the only in the country,the vibrant underseas garment gardens of CAMIGUIN island province,lust forest of Davao,the  red tuna meat in General Santos City and the bounty of beautiful beaches and sand bars of Surigao that represents the color of Mindanao”Abubakar added.”

Mindanao is our home considering that our regional Directors are locals and they want actually show it off to the world the true colors of the promising Island.

In the circuits,Mindanao attractions represents different aspects of tourism that comprises different colors that assign one color and its color represents a tourism products such as: Blue for Dive Tourism,Brown for Farm Tourism, Pearl for Sand and Beach, Green for Eco-Tourism,Purple for Culture and heritage,Red for Sports and adventure, Orange for Food Tourism and Yellow for Faith Tourism.

Abubakar reiterated that one of their designer in the office of Branding in the department made a beautiful logo which capture the entire theme for Colors of Mindanao and this logo will be used during the rollout of a circuit before the launching.Tours will be categorized and map using colors of products to identify it immediately. Colors of Mindanao is a comprehensive campaign for Travel bubble connecting Regions 9,10,11,12,13 and BARMM.

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