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BusinessWeek Mindanao @ 13: Surviving the worse

SURVIVING the first few years in the industry may have been the most challenging part for any thriving community newspapers.

This is especially true in a society not fully attuned to the vital roles played by local newpapers in filling in the vacuum left behind or not covered by national dailies or television networks.

In most cases, newly-established community newspapers were given a shorter timeline of up to one or two years in which to survive largely due to the slack in the industry as revenues may not be attractive to begin with.

The acid test is on the nerve of steel, so to speak. To strike the balance between the need to financially survive and the hardcore concept of editorial independence which has to be dealt with with extra caution.

But somehow, BusinessWeek Mindanao has managed to navigate this narrow thread that caused the abrupt collapse of many community newspapers in the country. It not only able to maintain its financial viability but also able to achieve editorial excellence as among the best local newspapers in the country.

 As we took pride of what we have achieved, BusinessWeek Mindanao has dealt a new challenge of digital divide that threatened the survival of the traditional newspapering industry.

The massive migration of information dissemination from newspaper to digital platforms changes the whole paradigm. And for thriving local newspapers, the trend was a game changer: whether to embrace the trend of migrating to newsonline platform, or be left behind and bites the dust.

With full determination to be a driving force in the industy, BusinessWeek Mindanao went digital with its own news portal to be at pace with the rapid changes in online tehnology. It stayed relevant and competitive.

But the biggest challenge thus far was the paralyzing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

While many local newspapers were already bleeding prior to the onslaught of corona virus, the impact of stringent health protocols and restrictions to movements of people and goods has exacerbated the further contraction of advertising revenues. The toll was devastating as many were forced to close down for good.

But BusinessWeek Mindanao has been resilient and its resolves always put us in survival mode evading the worse and live to tell our story.

Thirteen years and counting, BusinessWeek Mindanao goes on and ready to take any obstacles along the way. We will survive the worse of time!

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