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BARMM proposes P500 million buffer fund for timely payment of nationally funded workers’ salaries

COTABATO CITY — Bangsamoro lawmakers proposed allocating a P500 million buffer fund for the timely payment of salaries of nationally funded workers directly supervised by BARMM ministries or offices.

Filed by the Government of the Day, Parliament Bill No. 41, proposed to allot a buffer fund to offset delays in the transfer or download of funds for the payment of salaries and other remuneration for the affected employees.

Member of the Parliament and Minister of Finance, and Budget and Management Ubaida Pacasem in his sponsorship speech called on his colleagues in the Bangsamoro Transition Authority to back the passage of the bill.

MP Pacasem explained that various nationally funded programs are implemented in the region, and that the delays in wage payments have a severe impact on the region’s workforce.

“We are thankful to the national government for continuously funding the implementation of these programs in the region. However, we cannot close our eyes to recognize the systemic challenges our fellow Bangsamoro are facing with respect to the payment of their salaries,” said MP Pacasem.

“These delays in the payment of salaries adversely affect the morale of these Bangsamoro workers. It adversely affects their dedication, enthusiasm, motivation, and even sincerity in their public service,” he added.

The BARMM Buffer Fund Act of 2022 is one of the priority bills of the Bangsamoro government, according to MP Pacasem, noting that by addressing these concerns, the second parliament will have a significant opportunity to improve the general welfare and uphold social justice for the Bangsamoro workers.

He explained that it will serve as a revolving fund to be replenished by the funds coming from the national government.

The MFBM will oversee and manage the fund in line with its cash management and disbursement policies and procedures, subject to all applicable existing government accounting and auditing regulations.

The MFBM will also develop regulations for requesting, using, and disbursing funds.

PB No. 41 has entered second reading and was referred to the Committee on Finance, Budget, and Management. (LTAIS-Public Information, Publication, and Media Relations Division)

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