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BARMM intensifies oversight on tax, fee collection regulations to ensure compliance

COTABATO CITY—In an effort to ensure compliance with tax and fee collection regulations, BARMM’s Ministry of Finance, Budget, and Management (MFBM) of BARMM collaborated with the Commission on Audit (COA-BARMM) to organize a forum on May 18.

The forum served as a platform to discuss current guidelines and integrate COA’s accounting and auditing standards, aiming to promote uniformity and adherence to the rules and regulations outlined in the Bangsamoro Organic Law among the various Ministries, Offices, and Agencies (M/O/As).

Naila Dimaraw, the Treasurer of the Bangsamoro Treasury Office (BTO) representing the MFBM, emphasized the forum’s importance as a follow-up activity to the recently conducted Bangsamoro Local Revenue Collection Forum.

Attorney Ubaida Pacasem, the MFBM Minister, expressed gratitude to COA-BARMM for their technical assistance and encouraged all participating M/O/As to collaborate in order to enhance the region’s financial transactions.

“For us, who are the forerunners of revenue generation, we hold a critical role in the development of our region and it is recommended that we benchmark the best practices or formulate doable strategies that are within our accepted principles,” stated Pacasem.

Pacasem further added that activities like fora can provide opportunities to identify feasible solutions to challenges and unique circumstances in fulfilling their mandates.

Director Rasdy Guiling of COA-BARMM commended the ongoing dedication and commitment of the MFBM in providing a platform to address accounting and auditing issues and concerns, thereby strengthening fiscal autonomy. (Kasan Usop, Jr./BIO with reports from MFBM)

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