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Bar exams feng shui

First time unintentionally, I Feng Shuied a housewife who requested me to fix her husband's den office as he is studying for the bar examinations.

So together we fixed his desk to the best scholarship direction facing Southwest as it applies to his specific personal Feng Shui lucky direction.
To enhance his focus and concentration we placed a globe crystal ball too.
And ultimately, an aquarium with live arowana fish in it's right fengshui.
And I forgot about it until years later I saw her husband on television hosting a program dedicated to law topics and learned he topped the bar as a credential let alone becoming a president of a university!
Another client friend simply asked how to pass after failing once. The same prescription plus wearing white during exam days even underwear made her a lawyer! Even a successful politician later on with white clothes.
A niece who was taking the Bar simply got two Feng Shui advice, one was to study in her lucky direction and a blessed lucky turtle charm with only two weeks to go before the exams. She became the first lawyer in the family!
Not all of my clients pass the bar.
Lessons learned is simply legal too. Due diligence both in review and Feng Shui.
So even if you have to retake Bar Exams the third time just be diligent.
Who knows you may even top it and end up a senator!
Only one person will know if with proper Feng Shui you can or will pass the Bar. Not me your Excellency.
It's that famous man or woman or closet one when you look at a mirror!
Feng Shui only mirrors your true self when it comes to the successful attainment of your dream of becoming a lawyer.
So to start with memorize with clear understanding The Lawyer's Oath. And review not only bar exam subjects but your personal Feng Shui diligently and consistently.
Yes, how you enter your home, office, bedroom, cook and sleep as well as study can define whether or not you will pass or fail!
Welcome to the real laws of human nature!
Also do get yourself two sets of reviewer materials from the past two years bar examinations to be aptly prepared. And with pun but seriously speaking, they are available at the famous Claro M. Recto photocopying shops in the University belt of Manila or otherwise in Cebu and Davao!
Good luck and study harder for duralex sed lex as a UP pub shirt reads (the law may be harsh but it can be broken like a famous Duralex brand of drinking glass that claims to be unbreakable)! Why? Because even luck in exams can be broken. Ask any student!

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