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ArenaPlus Launch New Song “Halina sa Arena” by Gloc9 

ArenaPlus, your 24/7 sports betting app, proudly launches its newest song “Halina sa Arena”, composed and recorded by the Filipino Rap Icon Gloc9, starring PBA Star Player and ArenaPlus Official Endorser Scottie Thompson. 

“Halina sa Arena ” is inspired from the lived experiences of Filipinos who continuously struggle with life towards achieving success through hard work and perseverance. In the music video, the main protagonist portrayed by a janitor working in a basketball court, was inspired by the success of a ArenaPlus basketball superstar played by Scottie Thompson. 

Everyday, the janitor would always watch the basketball game, showing his interest to join the game. One afternoon, while Scottie is alone doing practice shooting, the janitor once again posted himself in the corner to watch the game until the ball rolled towards him. Scottie noticed him and invited him to play. The janitor tossed the ball and was able to shoot it. Scottie was impressed. When the janitor is about to hand over the ball to Scottie, a magical and electrifying phenomenon happens – Scottie and the janitor switch bodies. (Watch the full video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd0gvJNDojE) 

The song wants to inspire everyone to create a favourable and enabling mind and conditions to face challenges with courage and unwavering desire to win life. The janitor’s narrative in the video is a perfect personification of our capacity to dream and work hard to achieve our best goals in life. 

Stream “Halina sa Arena” by Gloc9 on ArenaPlus Spotify and YouTube channel. To learn more about ArenaPlus, visit arenaplus.net and download the app from Google Play and the App Store. “ArenaPlus, Astig sa Sports” 

ArenaPlus and BingoPlus proudly stand as a flagship brand under Digiplus Interactive Corp, solidifying its position as a leading gaming and leisure provider in the country. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, Digiplus Interactive Corp continues to enrich the gaming experience for Filipino players across the nation. 


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