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By: Niels Colov, Rotary Club of Pattay, Thailand

1. ATTENDANCE: Effective Rotarians always try to attend their club meetings or make up at other clubs as much as possible. They are aware that regular attendance is an important part of their membership commitment and do not miss a chance to attend. They participate on committees, which they are members of, plus others if invited. They are keen to attend all club events and district functions. They participate in District Assembly and District Conference each year and have attended a recent Rotary International Convention .

2. FELLOWSHIP: Effective Rotarians enjoy meeting other members and often feel this fellowship is as important to Rotary as the actual business part of a meeting. They go out of their way to talk to those whom they do not know and believe a stranger is just a friend they have not met yet. Outside of Rotary they also enjoy meeting people and getting acquainted with them. At large Rotary gatherings they make an effort to meet others, rather than just fraternizing with friends from their own club.

3. VOCATION: Effective Rotarians respect every vocation and understand how the classification system is the basis of Rotary. They firmly believe that each vocation provides a cog in the wheel and is important, however insignificant it may appear. They firmly believe each member should try to excel in their work and they try to support and help others to reach their full potential.

4. DISCIPLINE: Effective Rotarians understand the value of self -discipline and know that productive accomplishments are hard to achieve without it. They realize that both inner and outer discipline must be maintained in a proper balance and can enforce both disciplines when and where required.

5. TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY: Effective Rotarians know they have a purpose in Rotary and fully realize they must earmark a certain amount of time, money and energy to maintain their commitment. They also realize these three things should be shared in proper balance between their family, vocation and community.

6. EMPATHY: Effective Rotarians put themselves in the position of the other person, especially if that person is in difficulty. They know that mere sympathy may not be enough, can be empathetic and feel compassion for the difficulties of others. They believe that what they are doing for their community is merely returning a small part of what they have already received from it. While they may appreciate recognition for their efforts, they do not hanker for it.

7. IMAGE OF ROTARY: Effective Rotarians may sometimes feel that all is not right with Rotary or there are too many politics. They know some elements in Rotary need improvement but rather than be negative they use a positive approach to help rectify things. They maintain a positive attitude and portray a good image of Rotary, both inside and outside the organization.

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