T-Junction or 'Tumbok' Feng Shui

July 26, 2019


Realtors are aware that property buyers avoid T-junction properties or "tumbok". Why?
It is bad feng shui!
What is bad about it?
Feng shui teaches that this type of property is constantly hit by "sha" or toxic life energies or chi that affects the wellbeing of the occupants.
In layman's terms, a "tumbok" property causes any of the following consequences on the life of occupants:
- constantly thwarted relationships be it personal, business or professional thereby leading to failed lovelives, unconsumated marriage or even deals.
- postponed or mothballed opportunities or permanently cancelled as applied not only to sale closing or prospects, but also to romantic affairs of the heart leading to remorseful hurts.
- it can also affect fertility if not becoming a spinster in life such that one may be unable to bear children or if able to, the gender will be the same as the eldest (ie, a former chief executive of a country lived in such a property in a makati village resulting only to daughters, no sons!)
But in case one inherits, or has already or even contemplating to own a t-junction lot or property, there are simple feng shui remedies!
The best remedy if possible if still a vacant lot, is to design the driveway as a continuation of the fronting road even if gated. In this manner you let the bad forces or chi passover your house or building. The best example of this in Cebu City is the way Tune Hotels infront of the Ayala complex is built, letting the driveway absorb the "tumbok" while elevating the main lobby to the the second floor ( in this instance for good business feng shui!).
Note however that in feng shui, there are variants of "tumbok". Equally bad as "tumbok" are lots or properties around a cul-de-sac or rotonda road. Or if a dead end or t-junction road in a village, the property left and right of the center lot are considered "tumbok" also.
What one should guard against is self-inflicted tumbok as in homes with a bow (as in bow and arrow) or half moon driveway with the convex side hitting the main door or house! Even schools are affected as in the main campus frontage driveway of De La Salle University at Taft Avenue, Manila.
In business or even house garage-driveway, beware of self created and infliction of "tumbok" by allowing the driveway or delivery bays hit the main entrances or structure directly. These lead to botched projects or deals in succession even endlessly!
Y-junction intersections or corners are equal to this too! However their consequence is far more brutal: sex scandal(s) for the owner.
The above notes apply to feng shui for the living or yang feng shui.
In case grave sites of ancestors are situated in similar locations of "tumbok", it rubs off or affects descendants by way of having many unmarried ones, and high natural abortion rates even accidents and mishaps!
Overall such properties thwart human progress incessantly.
How to cure? Best to consult a professional geomancer and to know that you are not victimized by a fake one, remember that feng shui is an ocular science not an armchair hocus pocus! "Tumbok" pa more? Good luck and beware of unhealthy property sites like these ones!



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