School Feng Shui

July 10, 2019


Who ever invented the school as an institution of learning faced the same feng shui problems since its creation!
Two major concerns plague school owners and administrators.
First is market absorption capacity or student enrollment.
Second is student population retention and continued enrollment of botn transferees as well as existing students.
Last is efficient and effective financial management especially against theft or pilferages of school assets and embezzlements when it comes to purchasing, capital expenditures, and the underground economics of corruption to local regulatory bodies from business permits to the Bureau of Internal Revenue examiners as part of the academic game!
Integrated feng shui solutions require first, home feng shui of president and the school premises.
The core focus would be on hoyse and office main entrances, not gates. Then kitchen layout at home, pantry at work and school canteen(s).
Bedrooms of home follow as to classrooms in the school and offices.
Any luck impediment like beams or flagpoles fronting main doors as well as water facilities are cured with feng shui remedies.
Thereafter annual feng shui maintenance must be maintained.
Avoid school logos with merlion, lion, tiger, panther or maneating animals. Also avoid these and truangls,x, diamond and octagon graphic designs on school identity be it patches, jackets, flag or stationary and stickers.
For protection of schoolfrom high teacher or personnel including student enrollment mortality rates, put a comb above the main entrance facing downward inside the building.
Do so for every classroom, laboratory, clinic, library and offices especially faculty. Use a white comb!
This feng shui device keeps a wellgroomed andal managed school environment conducive to learning and the growth as well as personal development of all school stakeholders!Prosperous healthy schooling to one and all!!
This apies from preschool, elementary, high school, university or college to institutions of higher learnings.



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