Philippine Congress feng shui

July 5, 2019


Yes right in your thinking! Philippine Congress or the Batasang Pambansa Lower House of Representatives has the worst building feng shui that gravely affects Philippine progress let alone prosperity!
Thus far in my several visits to the place whether to attend a State of the Nation Address or do feng shui for congresswoman or congressman, here are the excruciating bad feng shui observations that worsens the poverty of a nation!
Three feng shui booboos that are remediable:
1. Flag pole fronting main entrance door of the main building means the flag or nation itself hinders progression in legislative creation, legislation and execution!
How to remedy? Simply renovate entrance by creating two left and right doors so as not to have a center door facing the Philippine Flag pole. This is also common in municipal or capitol buildings nationwide let alone public schools which necessitate feng shui remedy.
2. Octagon designs abound especially entrance doors to main plenary session hall and the very ceiling design! It connotes stagnancy of the state of the nation in its present democratic anomalies for as long as octagons exist in the halls of the House. Remedy: remove by total renovation of affected areas akin to surgery of cancer tumors or social cancer as it is! Noli Me Tangere??? Ask Jose P. Rizal in your prayers please, not once but twice.
3. Many room hallway walls bear diamond with xs woodwork panels to let in natural light especially in the Batasan Pambansa South Wing Building! These designs attract incessant political envy and intrigues let alone conflicts as well as disharmony. Yes legal and illegal.
Resulting to progress and prosperity delay or thwarting. Remedy: feng shui makeover again via renovation excising or more apt exorcising all these diamonds and x motifs!
That is all folks if we truly care for a united nation, healthy and prosperous under One God, a few feng shui remedies as aforementioned are in parliamentary points of order your honors. If acted upon with dispatch only by then are taxes well spent for the people and their representatives in Congress equally if you know what I mean.
Mabuhay ang Pilipinas, alisin ang mga malas!



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