Money laundering feng shui

August 12, 2019


Now a way of life or religion even for the elites in societies globally, with ill or well gotten wealth, money laundering should be taught in college as a major subject if not an elective!
Not to discriminate the poor but to help them!
Let alone guide the successors of the doers of the trade and most of all the tricks of the trade!!! Unless a new subject called Dummy Entrepreneurship is introduced by any leading or lagging university or rinky dinky college.
Why? Money Laundering is the new engine of economic growth never mind development in this generation of patriotic crooks! Pardon the pun just read for fun even if you know it's true.
I am writing this to at least make it lucky and help spur employment promotion just as a consequence of money laundering. Take it from the phenom of migrant workers in Philippines from China, just ponder on whose monies are they washing internationally and of course, locally!!!
What are you bureaucrat capitalist for my shrewd government official reader? And your cronies or accomplices? Yes beyond Eddie and Patty! Let's cut the chase.
Shall I proceed? First choose your money laundering channels well. Make sure the business fits your element and zodiac! If rat, avoid horse breeding and horse racing! If rabbit, avoid cock breeding and cockfighting let alone franchising chicken barbeque restaurants like a recent election loser who owns over two dozen Mang You Know!
Next choose your dummy or dummies well to avoid blowing your cover, betrayal and embezzlements! If pig never choose a snake dummy or front best a tiger sign even for a bag man or woman.
Yes even if you are a president incumbent or former in a firm or country use Feng Shui in this rogue investment vehicle. Even in proper date signing of Dummy documents one foot away from any representative. Never ever sign on a February 4 or date with 2 and 4 as it is di si in Chinese or you die easy with that move. If president you can be impeached if not subjected to scam or betrayal or double cross let alone assasination.
Never invest in a Chinese Ghost Month!
You will be spooked.
These simple guides with a professional genuine expert may help you launder smoothly in a balanced efficient portfolio.
Or else, it's not too late to Feng Shui your jail like I unintentionally had to do for a certain Janet in Sta. Rosa for my lawyer client who happened to be her barrister!
Look around, teeming retail malls, condos, restaurant chains, horse stables, schools, foundations, they may be money laundering vehicles frying you in your own taxes! But that's life. Even taipans now sideline as money laundering dummies for the money of course, one to build empire, while a man-she a harem of toy basketball...players!
Go with the flow? Who said change is coming? Go with the change, yes even if it's loose change.
For even in Feng Shui it doesn't matter if a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice! So bring home the bacon. Even loose change is viand. In street smarts Tagalog: ulam din Yun.
Yes welcome to the real world jungles of survival of the fittest no matter what. Just bubble your luck to success and good fortune but in this case provide and multiply employment for national progress and tongue in cheek fingers crossed, prosperity!



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