Lucky walls

August 20, 2019


Do not hang a water feature painting carelessly on any wall. So too with art featuring headless bodies or morbid scenes of poverty and darkness! Why?

Every wall has a significant meaning in feng shui. It can affect one's health, prosperity and happiness depending on what you decorate or even paint it!
What inspired me to write on this topic was a recent feng shui emergency call from an ardent client who due to aging suddenly had osteoporosis. But beyond that, surprisingly it began to spread down to her feet (both feet in successive days apart) with miniscule fractures to boot in excrutiating painful angst!
So a feng shui health visit check up on her condo revealed two bad feng shui additions on her condo wall decors: a fiery red painting on the the southwest wall which burns her health and adds more metal element to her persona let alone another metal artwork in her northeast wall in the den that triggered the acupuncture like pains with the agony of several crosses in angst so to speak.
So we corrected the wall decors, literally it is feng shui art decor therapy. The metal artwork entitled "kros" by a French artist was changed to a subtle wood carving of a blossoming camella flower to signify regeneration. The fiery red painting in good riddance, can be traded off with the painter for a more feng shui friendly one!
After a feng shui decor makeover, the next day she texted that her pains are gone and especially her back pain as well as first foot steps on both fractured feet are now gently comfortable! And her wellbeing mindset is back to normal positive unlike her lifeless posture in pain three days back.
This is a clear example of what a bad feng shui wall decor on the wrong wall can do to one's health and wellbeing!
Another surprise this week was upon doing feng shui maintenance to the condo of another client, lo and behold she had a masterpiece of a would be national artist but that of a headless geisha!
This is a no no in feng shui, even in retail shops having headless mannequins!
So it was decided she trade it in for an upgraded art piece done this time by a corroboration of two national artists!
To cut the long threatening stories short here are the best decors for every wall direction to follow::
East - landscapes, seascapes, forests, fields, or green dominated abstract art works even sculptures or figurines of value. Wooden materials enhance luck on these walls too. Any shade of green wall will be auspicious. Never red or fiery symbols.
West- white color and metal objects like silver and gold or brass can be lucky here. Never green or red on this wall.
North - black or blue or gray fits this wall, on artworks or the wall itself. Best to have tortoise, turtle or water featured art for career prosperity and finances. Never have fire and red objects here.
South - best for fiery artworks with brilliant reds, tangerines or rust orange. Same with wall colors for stimulating and attracting fame depending on your chosen career. Politicians and show biz celebrities take note. Never have blue or black on this wall. As it douses fire being water colors!
Northeast and Southwest as well as Center walls are earth elements thereby lucky with yellows, earth tones and terra cotta hues to reinforce grounding. Never have blue or black or red lest your erode health causing lung problems or heart even cardiac deaths!
Northwest direction is metal inspired like the West. Southeast is wood element like the East.
A bank treasurer now president once requested me to soften his feng shui. After putting a Great Wall of China decor behind his back, he became so popularly authoritative in the eyes of all personnel that he was already dubbed as the Little Emperor of their bank. After minor feng shui remedy, he was instructed to sell the bank and thus began his new chapter in life as a bank president for another bank!
A gay couple summoned me once, their predicament: a Ninoy black painting from which a ghost comes out. Yes, there was a remedy without selling the precious painting. As for now it is a secret lest fakers feast on this article! They regained their harmony and peace at home every night and day thereafter.
Now you know the secret feng shui luck inspired by each wall directions!
Meantime, a house is not built with walls and beams alone, make it a home by proper feng shui of each wall with your love and dreams. It's influential, wall energy, yes, wall by wall it impacts on your wallet!



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