Lucky numbers for all!

August 16, 2019


What's your lucky number? Most likely you have! Come to think of how numbers rule your life. From age zero til now. And through the years you grew fond of a lucky number!
Our education is numbered aside from math, our grades. Your height, weight, address, money comes in numbers! Even lovelife!
History is numbered like yes, our days!
All are numbered even girlfriends, mistresses or vice versa. But whether they are lucky or not is not just the jargon of gamblers or gambling!
It is the language of all who count their blessings! Shall I keep count?
The core of lucky Feng Shui numerology originated and stems from the binary system of 0 to 9 from where all our number counting also comes from. Why? The basis was the 9 planets. Now the binary system also gave birth to computer science over time! In Feng Shui, the legend was that the science of Feng Shui itself came from numbers of the Lo Shu Magic Square found at the back of a turtle by the first emperor of China. From whence he directed his scholars to study it and many results came like the calendar to explain the seasons, compass to guide directions and yes, lucky numbers in Feng Shui!
Chinese use euphony also known as homophones (not gaysoeak or swardspeak churva tienes!) In deciphering the luck of numbers by the way they sound! Sounds like a charades game? Read on to learn. The sound in Cantonese was the early basis.
Here is a brief anthology of euphony then:
8 sounded good as it was like prosperity or riches! 4 worst sounding death. 1 sounds like won, sure good luck, honor!
3 sounds forever or growth! 5 sounds like me or nothing! 6 is wealth or the road to!!!
2 sounds easy. 7 is conflict whereby it used to be sure or protected until the onset of Cycle 8 in the Feng Shui calendar last 2003!
9 means double, doubling or even long life!
0 symbolized money.
All based on math 0-9 binary numbers of 9 planets. Such that if savants remove Pluto as a planet, our lives can be wrongly numbered in all aspects down to the phone you are holding!
So what is your lucky number? With the sounds of luck and bad luck, the answer is in your hands from now on!
Interested to explore choices? Here is a searwork for you to interpret using this codigo:
168, 888, 28, 8, 208,2208, 3128, 24, 4, 777 and apply accordingly to your whims!
Where? Cell or landline numbers, condo unit or address, car plates, logo, business name and address are the popular ones! For lovers, it is urban legend amongst taipans that #2 is lucky! (Patulogtulog Lang Kita na! Or just sleeping with them they earn big-time!)
Do not worry if you think you are now victim of an unlucky address or number except if you are the 4th mistress, you may set a formal consultation with me to remedy using my lucky contact #09993128168, try interpreting!
Now that you have this new knowledge, allow me to sound you off on exceptions to this rules! You like? Of course!
If you are a water dragon born 2012 or 1988 or 1928! You are exempted from all these. That's why water Dragon is the luckiest sign in Feng Shui.
The other excellent exception is the #4 combined with #8! Say #48 does not translate to dead wealth but sounds like great wealth. Therefore interpret 48, 148, 4848 among other combinations in this positive lucky light!!!
Tip? Okay, the luckiest number by virtue of above in love is #2! In life, it's 28, 128, 2828, need I say more!
Remember our days are numbered so simply enjoy your luck with happiness by using lucky numbers as motivational tools in this world governed by the law of attractions! Good luck!



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