Feng Tse! Or Car Feng Shui!

August 26, 2019


Tse is the chinese word for car, even finding its way into Pilipino language as kotse!
Yes, you may design your car for luck with feng shui for car called Feng Tse (pronounced as fung tse). Just remember too, its not the car that can be unlucky for you but fellow passengers! Or driver. So have it feng shuied accordingly completely!
Just remember, the evolution of cars derive from horses (the first mobile transport that outdid cattle, carabaos). No wonder your car has horsepower?
Most of the tips below can also apply to other vehicles. From motorcycles, tricycle, golf cart, trucks, jeepney, hummer, yes, even boats and planes inclusive of helicopters.
So let us zoom in on lucky car designs:
- First choose your lucky color when buying a vehicle. Avoid compromising this at any cost.
Urban legend reality feng shui in Philippines historically leads us to the compelling story of now taipan JCI Senator Gino Baltao, an Atenean who after our first feng shui session never looked back to his school blue color and instead became a green convert like the rival school. Til now he keeps all his cars in green color going to the extent of repainting them for uniformity of luck and continued progress! So if you want to find the only green Toyota Camry in the world as well as the latest APEC preloved BMW in green, see his garage!
- Choose a lucky plate number for your car. Here is the best number: 128 or 1288 or rambled in any order. Next in the order of luck and benefits are 168 or 1688, only third is the ever popular 888 or 8888. Never have a 4 or 7 in any plate combination. 4 means death. 7 means disharmony and conflict.
- Never or avoid or have a geomancer cure if already bought, a car with a jaguar, lion or tiger or any cat maneating animal logo!
Some Jaguar car owners are advised to park it in their garage at home and office with the head pointing outward not toward the building for peace of mind. ff not a politician, take out or avoid lion logos.
- Remove any 4 x 4 sticker markings on a vehicle (means death times death) or simply inviting many deaths. But do not solve it by humor say like putting an equals sign and the number 16!
- Choose lucky accessories or decor or decals accordingly. As usual avoid lions or tigers inclusive of stuffed toys, Merlion souvenir, or any octagon, triangular, diamond, x and cross except Catholic crucifix or rosary.
- To all, it is best to put a Chinese 168 or yee lu faat sticker, normally available from automotive sections in mall stores or sticker kiosks. So cheap from 30 pesos to 150 for large ones. It attracts protection and prosperity all the way!
- Beware of contrasign logos in car versus your feng shui sign or persona. An urban highend car dealer is renowned to have gone bonkers in business for the feng shui reason that he is a Rat sign and he deals with Ferraris which has a Horse logo. This is bad luck and fortune for him. (Similar to say Rat ladies having Hermes bags with horse inspired logo!)
The above luck chargers will add mileage to one's car(s) so long as annual feng shui maintenance check is also done. Remember as many people prosper, they forget feng shui guidelines and tend to be careless. Just say one suddenly wins Lotto and buys a Ferrari forgetting that he or she is a year of the Rat person!
Be aware of bad signs for the year, like for 2020 it's rat and horse, so say, mustangs or Ferrari wiillhave to be garaged only not used to avoid misfortunes or mishaps!
So have a lucky car by design! The key is in your hands now.
Zoom laughing all the way to the bank! Just make sure the logo of your bank is not a lion or tiger! Beep! Beep!!!!! Happy motoring with safety and prosperity all the way!



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