Before the next teardrop falls

August 30, 2019


WITH ‘little trouble’ expected to come by, Malacanang  has ordered the military to end now -- and not tomorrow -- the decades-long communist insurgency problem of the country.      
The Duterte  administration has slammed anew the Communist Party of the Philippines - New People's Army (CPP-NPA)  for allegedly taking advantage  of the ‘kid-glove treatment’ of the government through the years.
President Duterte has again lashed out at the communist rebels (now tagged by the government as terrorists), saying the countryside  is  now infested with communist ‘parasites’. 
Duterte had sought to end the country’s insurgency problem shortly after he assumed office in 2016, but government talks with communist rebels have failed to reach any conclusion.
In 2017, Duterte signed Proclamation No. 60 which formally terminated negotiations with communist rebels. 
A month later, he signed Executive Order No. 70 ordering the creation of a task force to end local communist armed conflict.
That said, the government has no choice but to crush the Joma Sison-led communist-cum- terrorist organization   as soon as possible before the next massive teardrops will fall in the countryside.
It has been said before – and until now—that the demands of the communists-turned-terrorists are impossible and   absurd to the hilt.
 Its self-styled leader,  Joma Sison  have been living  in Utrecht  in opulent lifestyle  while  his comrades on the ground suffer fighting for a lunatic cause -- that  of toppling the so-called ‘imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism’ of this country.
To advance their  foothold,  Sison and his clique has been on  recruitment binge, targeting among others the so-called ‘the harassed and the oppressed’ particularly members of indigenous tribes in general and students in particular.
Lately, NPA recruitment has again penetrated in schools   and universities which alarmed authorities amid the reported spread of student ‘activism’ now  happening  in the academic community.
The recruitment process  starts with selecting prospective student-leaders who are smart, idealistic and passionate about a cause.   NPA cadres would then teach  student-recruits  about communism and further indoctrinate them about activism. 
An invitation to join rallies would come next,  and later a baptism of fire would  follow by joining the mainstream armed group in hit-and-run firefights with  government troops.
With over 50 years of fighting the government, the insurgency problem has become a cancer – an incurable social problem  only high heavens would tell when it will vanish from the ends of the Earth. 
Meantime, the Duterte order to crush once and for all these insurgents-turned terrorists depends on how the military would be able to totally extinguish them head-on soonest possible time.
Again, to put an end to communist insurgency lies a dogma of  uncertainty, raging as it were like the wildfires of the Amazon forests – persistent and demonizing at the expense of the larger number of peace-loving citizens of this battle-scared country.
Before the next teardrops will fall,   a handful of prayers maybe a good antidote to the impending ‘little trouble’ ahead of us.(Editor’s note: The writer was a student leader-recruit in the late 70s in the boondocks of Bukidnon, having been ‘indoctrinated’   for one whole week in a church convent in Kalasungay, Malaybalay before taking an immersion assignment in Maligaya, a remote barangay in Bukidnon. He eventually quit the movement after his leaders ‘disappear’ one after the other).



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